Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

19. juli. 2020
9 690 928 Ganger

With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we’re prone to believe, how to distinguish fact from fiction, and what you can do to help others.
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  • I know this was recorded during COVID-19 restrictions/shutdowns, but I can't help being distracted by John's hair. He looks like this pic of Mr. Rogers:

    janiefkjaniefk23 minutter siden
  • 𝕁𝕠𝕙𝕟𝕟𝕪 𝕚𝕤 𝕒 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕖𝕟 𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕕 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟙 𝕁𝕒𝕟

    Billy Jamez MartinBilly Jamez MartinTime siden
  • They cant show the patients cause of a little thing called HIPPA

    Michelle MarieMichelle MarieTime siden
  • Its all about control ...first they tried Religion AND now science the weak minded always fall into line (fact)

    Life in YorkshireLife in Yorkshire3 timer siden
  • Well we obviously need a video discrediting and taking the piss out those against the narrative. LOL Its unbelievable how incredibly stupid humanity has become, there is so much contradicting the narrative, thousands of doctors/ scientists have spoken up about this yet they are all being silenced and muted, Peoples minds have quite literally become toilets while the government and msm constantly shit into your minds, seemingly a lot of you are incapable of critical thinking and having your own view.

    bmw0208bmw02083 timer siden
  • Go see the grave yards then you will know if there is eally covid virus

    ANN USAANN USA4 timer siden
  • Sometimes, it’s so difficult to be patient with people. It’s important to listen to people, before you can influence them. That requires so much patience.

    b00ksgalor3b00ksgalor35 timer siden
  • "there are large numbers of flat earth believers all around the globe"

    j259abcdj259abcd10 timer siden
  • Hairs graying, more adrenoooooooo

    LordslothableLordslothable10 timer siden
  • The Princess Diana conspiracy theory is real though. There is some concrete evidence behind it

    Chris SomervilleChris Somerville10 timer siden
  • Message from the video, if anyone ever tells anything besides the narrative don't believe them, no one else knows what's best for you besides us 😂😂😂😂😂

    Chakwizira DizaChakwizira Diza11 timer siden
  • This message is brought to you by covid 19 himself 😂😂daaayymmm

    Chakwizira DizaChakwizira Diza11 timer siden
  • Is no one else not concerned by the amount of energy that this human being has gone to go against every single one of these "conspiracies"😅😂😂 like isn't that strange af. Is no one else concerned that this guy is the says everything the news can't tell you. 😂😂Like this shit was funny af. Basically message from this video everything that we have been fed alllll our lives. 😅Is no one concerned about that?

    Chakwizira DizaChakwizira Diza11 timer siden
  • We are all very worried, upset, stressed out. Everything will be ok eventually. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to help people relax by creating ASMR roleplays and I hope my small contribution can have some impact 🙏💕

    TingleStorm ASMRTingleStorm ASMR11 timer siden
  • be prepared to blow up 2021 as well.

    webguy943webguy94313 timer siden
  • This aged well

    Ben HarringtonBen Harrington18 timer siden
  • Watching this one after the storming of the capitol is unnerving. That little bit about Rush Limbaugh and "throwing gas on the fire, getting burnt" made my ears perk up. I thought it was bad enough when one guy blew himself up over 5g then a couple of weeks later 1,000s of people break into the capitol and kill police officers over the another big conspiracy theory (voter fraud).

    Brandon ThorpeBrandon Thorpe18 timer siden
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    Ashmyka FernsAshmyka Ferns21 time siden
  • Rip Mr.Trebec .. what a lovely human, made this video while battling cancer with everything going on in the world.. Love & peace to all

    T OckieT Ockie22 timer siden

    A. HarveyA. Harvey22 timer siden
  • Rest in peace

    ToNiToNi23 timer siden
  • BUT: There was a body in Santa Clara ("Silicon Valley", also several biotech companies with top secret government contracts) that died in 10/2019 due to covid-19. National Geographic Alerts noted unknown new virus discovered in Wuhan early 11/2019. Wuhan is location of a Chinese Government bioresearch facility. Coincidence?

    Stephen JacksStephen Jacks23 timer siden
    • Noted autopsy was retested after tests for covid-19 were available. Retest because of characteristic respiratory syndrome. Not another SARS virus because antibody match to covid-19. Person who died had no history of eating bats.

      Stephen JacksStephen Jacks23 timer siden
  • John Cena for president

    Mitch L.Mitch L.23 timer siden
  • No the Karen anti masker trump supporters found this 😒 go away crazys

    Sebastian RSebastian RDag siden
  • If a Texan man starts yelling at you while filming with his phone, R u n .

    Kaiser EpsilonKaiser EpsilonDag siden
  • Use your brains like a brand new roll of toilet paper, unsparingly & with gusto!😂😂😂😂😂Gotta love that shit!👌🏾

    Shantaya DudleyShantaya DudleyDag siden
  • What about 911

    todd prifogletodd prifogleDag siden
  • His nose gets bigger as he tells more lies

    One law to bind themOne law to bind themDag siden
  • We thought conspiracy theories were bad then😳

    Operation DragoonOperation DragoonDag siden
  • Sigh...

    slintirregslintirregDag siden
  • "The conspiracy theory might be the conspiracy" -conspiracy conspirancy conspiracy theorist Yep maybe conspiracy theories is used to cause chaos and problems and distrust it could be used for big brain strat for war Note:i am not a conspiracy theory

    Lim KuindraLim KuindraDag siden
  • You want conspiracies: Take this one in, a considerable amount of germans actually believe that Bill Gates made up the virus to control our thoughts through facemasks because Quote: "You get headaches from wearing them and being sceptical at the same time" And the vaccines of course all contain a specific mircrochip for every single human on earth to guarantee tracking of both body and mind

    Savaris96Savaris96Dag siden
    • Then those people can go live in the woods with no electronic devices

      Dan ScarnaDan ScarnaDag siden
  • The trump Vs the truth

    Heather GustarHeather GustarDag siden
  • The Mandela Effect doubters lack grip on reality. I never understood how you could show them historically how it happened or how it was spelled and they are still absolutely convicted that their memory is more correct that history. If anyone has ever misremembered something entirely they can relate to an idea of human brains being dog shit at memory. Because the best research you can do is by looking at all the ridiculous ways people spelled the Berenstain Bears. There isn't just one way people thought it was spelled.

    DunerixDunerixDag siden
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    Andrew kimAndrew kimDag siden
  • Bubonic plague, I literally just realized you were in Rick and Morty lol holy shit that’s crazy I was like where have I heard him say that before hahaha

    Lamontee Tooobs jrLamontee Tooobs jrDag siden
  • There are no conspiracies surrounding the shooting of Ronald Reagan that is 100% INCORRECT HAHAHAHAHA. Just because NOtown removed them and people can’t see them anymore your exploiting mainstream conspiracy in the hopes the average person won’t remember. Matter of fact, the conspiracy around the shooting of Ronald reagan is directly correlated to the shooting of Kennedy. Because there was a mini hospital put in “the beast” that other wise Ronald Reagan would have bled out. Making bush the president. The secret service did not take the death of Kennedy lightly.

    Lamontee Tooobs jrLamontee Tooobs jrDag siden
  • ok well critically thinking, we still dont have the technology to get to the moon apparently. this is from top scientists. you can ask them why, they will say the van allen radiation belt prevents humans from travelling thru it, its their biggest obstacle and they dont know how to tackle it. so if your a top scientist which apparently you are because its a "conspiracy theory" show these dam scientists how we already accomplished this and make it happen again.

    Dante DelodenDante DelodenDag siden
  • John oliver is a elitist twat

    CashVilLeCashVilLeDag siden
    • an*

      Yotam YizharYotam YizharDag siden
  • Q!

    MT HTMT HTDag siden

    Stephanie BetancourtStephanie Betancourt2 dager siden
  • There is no hope for conspiracy theorists, no matter the evidence they have a golden answer : THATS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE. end of story.

    sotosboisotosboi2 dager siden
  • i sincerely hope the only conspiracy theory that's revealed to be true is that covid was designed to i put this gently? fuck it...that it was designed to kill off stupid people. please, please, please...c'mon...i've been good this whole time! PLEASE!!! and just to show i'm not just a mean person, that i'm also a logical person...learning the hard way is usually the only way stupid people learn. lastly, to solidify my position as a logical person (albeit, a mean person) humanity can only evolve as quickly as our slowest group. do you really need to know why we don't have colonies on mars, contacted by aliens, flying cars, french fries that actually make you loose weight (when consuming them), and a whole myriad of awesome shit when we have people actually believing that the earth is flat? just to quickly sidetrack for a sec...when i realized that it was an actual "movement" and not a joke, i almost puked. i was seriously sick to my stomach. the fuck! ok...i came back, i checked the birthdays of john cena and john oliver. exactly the same! also, immediately right after, i realized that john oliver is younger than me...and i just got seriously depressed that as much as i wanted to watch this episode in its entirety (stopped at 19:32 check their is he doing?), in light of recent events...i will post this comment, immediately close my browser, turn off my computer, slink upstairs, climb into bed and go to sleep...sobbing.

    Paul KimPaul Kim2 dager siden
    • 😁😁😁😁😁

      carpathia 011carpathia 01123 timer siden
  • 2012 Obama is recorded telling russian medvedev " This is my last election, after my election I will have more flexibility" , to which medvedev replies " Yes, yes... I understand ..I will transmit this information to Vladimir." Obamas PLOT to obtain more flexibility was contingent upon the COLLUSION of both Medvedev, and Putin SCHEMING to post-pone whatever it is they were actually speaking about till after his ELECTION. You know John you're right....No Conspiracy here. A hot microphone picked up President Obama telling Russian President Dmitri Medvedev he would have more flexibility to negotiate on issues such as missile defense after the 2012 election. - Snopes (aka wonkers and conts) - Rating - True

    ##################3 dager siden
  • My family doctor calls bullshit on the half capacity hospitals in our area being busy.....they are limited to half capacity so he has a point lol

    Ko-wing wongKo-wing wong3 dager siden
  • I really enjoyed the piano + cat part. Just saying.

    free2beme20071free2beme200713 dager siden
  • John Oliver The ceo of trolling

    bea71mc channelbea71mc channel3 dager siden
  • rip alex trebek :(

    Ben :jBen :j3 dager siden
  • In 1976 the New York Times obtained a document they requested via the Freedom of Information Act. This document was a CIA Dispatch labeled “psych” for “psychological operations” that was distributed in 1967, indicating they coined the phrase “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorists” and used it as a derogatory term to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative from the Warren Commission which covered up the JFK assassination. Today it is used against every person/group who is awake.

    Phil HoPhil Ho3 dager siden
    • Wow good for you, enlightened one

      Kadan SewardKadan SewardDag siden
  • Professor Duncan is doing well for himself

    Caleb DonnellCaleb Donnell3 dager siden
  • Obviously a real virus. Bought people that aren’t skeptical of a overly politicized event like this worry me. 100% anti vaccers worry me. Vaccines have saved a lot of ppl But people who think there will be under no circumstances will there be any negative effects of a brand new rushed vaccine also worry me. If you don’t think in black and white terms it’s hard to limit yourself to a conservative or a liberal. That’s a trick to turn us on each other and keep us petty. Both sides.

    223 GDP223 GDP4 dager siden
  • gotta say it even if i don't wanna defend the americans: the claim that half of americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory kinda loses some value if you take into account that several times in the last 150 years, some things that were considered "conspiracy theories" ended up being true. back in 1973, people thought you were crazy if you said out loud that the US was behind Pinochet taking power. Now it's what's written in history books

    Angelo MordasiniAngelo Mordasini4 dager siden
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    Quintilla GallonQuintilla Gallon4 dager siden
  • This subject should to be discussed more frequently, please post an updated reflecting Jan 2021. My wife is part of a small group of the public, who believe in conspiracy theories and has treatable-cancer. She will succumb to cancer since she is 100% misguided by online information. I am very much interested in discussing this topic with the John Oliver show and offer my first-hand experience about individuals like "Robert Morse ND" who states masks are dangerous, Covid is not real, etc.

    Andrew GAndrew G4 dager siden
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    Michael nguyenMichael nguyen4 dager siden
  • These are the people paid to lie to you not all conspiracy are wrong don't let him brain wash you

    dalton butlerdalton butler4 dager siden
  • moo hall ades od go wo

    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez4 dager siden
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez4 dager siden
  • but how does the proportionality thing apply to flat earthers

    benjamint444benjamint4445 dager siden
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    Blake RohanBlake Rohan5 dager siden
  • "If they had simply worked a little harder and searched..." That's the thing, though, isn't it? Millions of people don't want to find out that what they hear is wrong. They WANT that drama. They WANT that scandal. They WANT their basic narrative of "the whole world's agin' me!" to be true. Because if it's not, then that means that their media has been lying to them, their party has been lying to them, their pastors have been lying to them, and they've been wrong this whole time, which is unacceptable. So to protect their egos, they'll do and say anything, they'll fabricate evidence, and they'll look for and believe anything that supports and builds on their insanity, no matter how suspect it is.

    Samuel RosanderSamuel Rosander5 dager siden
    • @Ellie B.E. I have to disagree on that. It's easy to blame education, but that isn't the problem so much as a lack of respect for education, and the lack of reinforcement at home and in society. It's far too easy to just follow the example of your parents or friends and listen to rumors as fact. It can even be socially damaging to not do that, because people don't like to be called liars, they don't like to be told they're wrong, and they don't like some smart goodie-two-shoes telling them that they aren't using reliable sources. That's true for kids and adults. Teachers do their best, but society doesn't value that effort, and human nature is a hard thing to fight. Regardless of how education is presented by popular rumor, teaching kids to think, rather than just drilling information into their heads, really does happen in schools. Not everywhere and all the time, but it does happen, and is gaining more focus. The trap is to say "we stopped doing X" when the way we used to do things was never "better" than the way we do them now. That kind of thinking stems from the rose-colored "good old days" narrative, which were certainly old, but not so good. If you're remembering how things were "back in the day," then you should visit some schools to see how things have changed in reality. You should also look into the history of public education, which is very much an industrial model not designed for effect so much as efficiency (more "product" done at once is more resource-efficient), and has been since public education was first realized. We're starting to go away from that model by decreasing class sizes and other things, but there are hard pushes against such efforts as "liberal indoctrination" and other nonsense. It's really hard to explain the entirety of the education issue in a single post, but in essence, it's more a societal and cultural problem than an educational one. Education does contribute, but it is heavily impacted by social norms/pressures and cultural realities, and that's why I have to disagree: we didn't stop teaching critical thinking skills etc, but that society and our culture don't respect those things enough to promote them.

      Samuel RosanderSamuel Rosander4 dager siden
    • I understand your perspective here. And I don’t necessarily disagree. But I think another facet of the problem is that we’ve stopped educating people on how to think things through, how to question, how to dig deeper, and critically *how to evaluate their sources*. Education isn’t meant simply to provide answers (that’s indoctrination), it is meant to instruct others how to seek and verify information. And America tends to teach, not educate. There’s a difference and we are suffering the consequences of not knowing that difference.

      Ellie B.E.Ellie B.E.4 dager siden
  • Hey, John - you know that all English are Bertie Wooster types? Been a way too long bro. Although there is Boris Johnson of course...More likely to get told "Fuck off Mama". I would and I'am a social worker.

    Kiani FrancisKiani Francis5 dager siden
  • Yes 5months later we saw exactly what extent the conspiracies would take trips theory shating...our capitol was invaded. It's crazy no one that day expected anything else but what happened. Miss you John cant wait for your 2021 show to start

    Beck M. WBeck M. W5 dager siden
  • The Covid 19 Psyop I write this short letter in the hope to bring awarness to this incredibly dangerous time for humanity and to make people aware of the possible psyop that i believe is currently being played out on the world stage. The psyop as i understand it consists of an effort by the powers that be to release propaganda through there network of conspiricy shills that will scare the anti vaccers and conspiricy theorists into not taking the vaccinations. This will result in the mainstream public recieving the vaccine which will be an antidote for the year, thus allowing the powers that be to release a more virulant strain of the virus, killing of the anti vaccers and conspiricy theorists in one foul swoop. This move by the deep state would not only remove most of there genuine oppisition but would also result in the anti vaccers and conspiricy community looking like fools while reinforcing the mainstreams reputation and authority and putting further restrictions on free speach. I very much doubt they have nano-chips covertly hidden inside the covid vaccine as i have come to realize they do not actually need them, and if you look closely at the oragins of this technocratic orwellion new world idea you will see that there has been a concerted effort to create a computer brain interface since the early 1900s with the first mainstream ideas being expressed in 1971 by Jaques Vidal. However i believe these ideas are even older as it is said the nazis were previously experimenting with these kinds of tecnologies as early as WW2. Also worth noting is the almost prophetic writings of Aldous Huxley in his Brave New World and George Orwells novel 1984, both of whome had connections to the deep state and were used as shills to condition peoples minds for the future. What i believe the deepstate has done is to covertly develope a science through there underground black budjet operations, then only when they they have perfected that science after a decade or more do they release the basic stages of discovery through there scientific shills such as Dr Vetner to the public. There is understandibaly much fear and doubt whether or not the vaccince may cause sterilization in people as some see the mainstream narritive of immenent catastrophic climate change as a good excuse to reduce the world population. However i do not believe this is the case as it is now possible that thay also do not need a vaccination to accomplish this and can now achieve the same result through there programmable virus that can manifacture any protien they want. From all my reaserch i have come to the conclusion that the deepstate are now well advanced in there computer brain interface agenda with the main abilitys of this tech as follows. - The ability to program a genetically engineered bacteria and virus within the body using light and sound frequencie. - The ability to connect there computers to the genetically engineered interface in the brain through the retina using light frequencies emmitted by smart phones, TV's, computers, street lights ect. - The ability of the virus once assymilated into the body to hide and remain dormant until activated. - The ability to scan the brain and body in detail through the resonance between the virus and frequencie field. - The ability to remotely activate a programable biowepon that can target spesific DNA sequences through designer recertors and genetically engineered viruses/bactiria that function as a collective resonance antenna and synthetic bionetwork. - The ability to read, download, upload and delete memory. - The ability to genetically engineer someone remotely. The main focus as i see it is to find a cure to purge covid 19 from the body, possible cures may consist of Electric pulse therepy, GcMaf treatment and sugar based Antivirals which are currently being developed by a team of international scientists. Also by wareing effective 5G/6G frequencie blocking pendants this will make it harder for them to access your bionetwork info. Another point that might bare fruit could be an aids vaccine which was previously being worked on before the covid virus hit and may be connected. Some good videos i have come across that give you a rough concept as to how far along these technologies might be are as follows - Dr James Giodano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future. (YT) - Dr Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War. (YT) - Matteo Mazzzanti on Mind Control Technologies - the Consumers Choice. (YT) - Ultamate Computing: Biomolecular computing and Nano Technology By Stuart R Hameroff. (Book) - Klaus Schwab & the Great Fascist Reset. (WWW) O

    Corrina KnightingaleCorrina Knightingale5 dager siden
  • “Trump pouring gas on the fire 🔥” is the understatement of 2020 and it hits different after the Capital Hill riot...

    cyton18cyton185 dager siden
  • The Royal Family DID have Diana killed.

    PooBrainHorsePooBrainHorse5 dager siden
    • Wasn't it the shape shifting aliens?

      AexomerAexomer4 dager siden
  • What I don't get is this: All people have to do to disprove the theory that the Coronavirus is either a hoax or deliberately planned as a distraction to institute some sort of "one world order", need not look any further than mishmash of uncoordinated efforts to stop it around the world. Hardly the coordinated effort one would expect from an imminent creation of a "One World Order." If it is, it's an extremely disorganized one, Lol... Not to mention I have seen no roll out of military vehicles or FEMA trucks or any of the other "markers" a conspiratorially minded person might look forward to validate their theory.. What I also don't get, is how I didn't know John Cena was that hot.

    G Force 27G Force 275 dager siden
  • The fact that nearly 10,000 people downloaded this video scares the crap out of me...

    G Force 27G Force 276 dager siden
  • If time travel exists and the powers that be can change history, why was there Hitler, JFK assassination, MLK assassination, the Challenger explosion, WTC destruction, Covid-19, etc/osv?

    Rita TaylorRita Taylor6 dager siden
  • so sad i agree with, and enjoy so many of his videos. but does he get payed to ridicule people who ask serious questiones about whats happening on our planet. there are many theories and its very hard to get proof. we all know how easily statistics can be falsified, and who really knows anything about the biology of viruses and the content of vaccines. to many people are unaware of how few of us own everything on this world. they own you and pay guys like oliver to manipulate our thoughts in a very amusing way. the words conpiracy theorist are a tool to shut up people who ask unpleasant questiones and to ridiculise thougts who differ from the main stream. how do we get people to open their eyes??,

    P SP S6 dager siden
    • This is so true! I found my dog sitting near the phone and i swear i heard him talking to someone. I made the obvious mental leap; that my dog was a spy of the deep state. Now i do not have direct proof that dogs can talk, but i heard someone talk from that room and i was completely alone. Now my mom is calling me crazy. She says dogs can't talk, but who has told her that? The government told her. Its nice to see someone who is sceptical and not submissive!

      Simon Peter Adelkvist DietzSimon Peter Adelkvist Dietz4 dager siden
  • What makes me giggle about the theorists is that they all want us to stop watching the MSM.... ...while commenting on MSM video's. You can't make em up.

    Hugh FartedHugh Farted6 dager siden
  • Last month I was unfortunately forced to go to the ER due to a fall which fractured my hip and pelvis. When I got to the ER and saw the quiet, mostly empty waiting room. I thought " Oh, this isn't so bad". However once I was triaged and sent back into the actual ER ward. I was horrified to see that they were so overcrowded that our gurneys were literally stacked along the walls! A piece of paper with a number written on it was stuck on the wall over the bed, and this was my " room" number. Patients were provided with masks for their "protection" and in no way can the situation be listed as conforming to social distancing. There was ONE very harried doctor who had 2 nurses to assist him for ALL of the patients, and there was no way to separate patients that were there for colds/flu's- heart Patients- or patients there for other illnesses or injuries like myself. The wait time for a simple x-ray was over 6 hours! It was truly terrifying!!!! I would love to punch the idiot screaming" where are all the sick people" right in the mouth!!!...and this is one of the biggest, most reputable hospital's in our State's capitol. I can only imagine what it must be like in cities such as Seattle and Tacoma..not to mention LA, New York and other big cities. These fools need to get both a grip AND a clue!!!!!!

    Sharin Sesin-LuccaSharin Sesin-Lucca6 dager siden
  • Nah, AT&T uses Verizon to send the orders. 🤣🤣

    Roland GoldbergRoland Goldberg7 dager siden
  • ​theres a simple cure for covid, turn your tv off

    theeye 1864theeye 18647 dager siden
  • nice try, I know for a fact paul rudd is dead

    Juan Felipe GodoyJuan Felipe Godoy7 dager siden

    Robert AlvarezRobert Alvarez7 dager siden
  • John oliver is a disgrace!

    JRod 88JRod 887 dager siden
  • Conspiracy theorists really need to learn about the butterfly effect

    Music ManMusic Man8 dager siden
  • If you need to know what the conspiracy theorists are thinking, go check out SteveQuayle's website. My uncle is a certified wacko and he used to read that and Infowars nonstop. He is also either schizophrenic or super bipolar. But yeah, thats where you will hear what they're spreading

    David RingoDavid Ringo8 dager siden
  • A majority of "trusted news sources" cheered America's invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    HeavygustoHeavygusto8 dager siden
    • jeah and after like 3 months the troth was out. doesnt seem to be the case here

      s Hs H7 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does Judy Mikovitz look and sound like a poor-man’s Melissa McCarthy?

    Jack HenwoodJack Henwood8 dager siden
  • Fun fact, there's a video of astronauts singing while on the moon.

    TalonTalon8 dager siden
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    Llewellyn VannoteLlewellyn Vannote9 dager siden
  • So, the ocean isn’t healing? You’re wrong pal!

    Brett LangloisBrett Langlois9 dager siden
  • I don’t care about all that the virus is fake

    WazaabixWazaabix9 dager siden
  • Watching this a couple months later, saw Alex Trebek and now I'm sad:(

    William KarbalaWilliam Karbala9 dager siden
  • Social media companies need to put a 3 strikes rule out on conspiracy theories and after 3 you are banned permanently from the service.

    Michael SyviusMichael Syvius9 dager siden
  • Those claims were not debunked when it comes to claims that the death rates were severely exaggerated. There is tons of actual and real evidence that Hospital administrators have ordered that doctors declare deaths due to heart disease, diabetes and other long term illnesses before mass testing was even available. Don't drink the leftist coolade (spelled as such to avoid registered trademarks)

    Russell WetzelRussell Wetzel10 dager siden
  • If the virus was created for pharmacies to sell vaccines they would have secretly have the vaccine.

    Johnny SilverhandJohnny Silverhand10 dager siden
  • It's no use appealing to these people to listen to experts to determine what is right. Capitalism has broken people's respect for 'experts', decades of putting bankers in charge of regulating the banks (and so on) has lead people to always question 'who's paying them?'. In a society where everyone and everything can be bought, and money is all that matters. You can't trust anyone...

    IMelkor42IMelkor4210 dager siden
  • The 'your own expression of the virus' thing was trying to say "Better out than in". That is, assuming you're infected with the virus, and you're producing more virus particles in your lung cells ('your virus'), then you breathe them out to infect others ('expressing' them, what masks try to stop). She's saying that it's bad to wear the mask and re-inhale your own virus particles, because it will contribute to your own infection. This isn't complete nonsense, we are aware that the severity of your covid case is linked with the size of the viral load you received in the first place. It's probably incorrect, though, because your already infected lungs are producing plenty of virus particles to go on infecting more of your lung cells. The important concept is to try and stop you from spreading the virus to a new host. Don't just dismiss what these people are saying immediately, acting like you're too dumb to understand what they're saying, that doesn't get anywhere towards convincing them that they're wrong. It's where the 'Arrogant, idiot liberal' image comes from.

    IMelkor42IMelkor4210 dager siden
  • Disagree with him RE the Kennedy assassination, there was more to that than met the eye, especially the Jack Ruby component.

    Prem MayoPrem Mayo10 dager siden
  • The problem is that more and more people don't have a legitimate "trusted source" anymore and turn to garbage on the Internet to "verify" what they hear.

    Greg BennettGreg Bennett10 dager siden
  • The material grease reportedly tire because underwear partly agree across a daily sturgeon. waggish, weak loaf

    Ocie MaganaOcie Magana10 dager siden
  • You should link the internet videos in your descriptions... I wanted to watch the cat.

    Jessica HartJessica Hart10 dager siden
  • RIP Paul Rudd

    a aa a11 dager siden
  • Did You All Hear That The 5G Conspiracy Theory May Have Played A Role In The Nashville RV Christmas Bombing?

    Collin KeyserCollin Keyser11 dager siden
  • I love this guy's attitude ! Lmao

    sheldon murphysheldon murphy11 dager siden
  • Now do as your government tells you. Do not question anything. As long as it is the Democrats who are the government, of course

    JRLJRL11 dager siden
    • @Simon Peter Adelkvist Dietz I Feel sorry for you guys. America is doomed and it happens this year

      JRLJRL4 dager siden
    • Democrats haven't controlled the government the past 4 years

      Simon Peter Adelkvist DietzSimon Peter Adelkvist Dietz4 dager siden
  • Ok I had to check and it is true, John Cena and John Oliver were both born on April 23rd, 1977...

    SmilymoneySmilymoney11 dager siden