Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

8. nov.. 2020
8 611 999 Ganger

John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
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  • 🌈

    Bella HermosaBella Hermosa37 minutter siden
  • Left leaning media and people inadvertenly put Trump into office for codependent reasons; they couldn't let go of him, they wanted a punching bag upon which to project their resentment towards stereoptypical ego-based father figures and to project their self-victimized codependent role fantasies, thereby externalizing their internal conflict by "resisting". Resisting what? Their own projections of a part of themselves that manifests as abuse, a part of themselves they do not own. After four years of externalizing their conflict and verbally abusing Trump, acting out a self-justified Don Quixote-like battle against their own paranoid fantasy of Russian collusion, insisting the voting system was unreliable. After their story was proven to be contrived, created, falsified and unreliable, they then threatened the public by passive aggressively endorsing anarchic street violence, again feeling entitled to encourage hurt others by proclaiming victimization as justification. As the election got closer, they claimed they would take the office of President by military force, even before the election occurred. It is a human tale of codependency and the drama triangle. Trump is guilty of excessive reliance on his ego-strength, and the codependents that abuse him and abuse his supporters are guilty of their crimes against their own selves, their own integrity and against the health of others. It has been a tragic sadness to behold. We pray this too will pass.

    starshiptrouterstarshiptrouter51 minutt siden
  • 16:20 wtf they forgot Tiffany.

    Aviator43Aviator43Time siden
  • The political “us vs. them” mentality isn’t going away because of the complacency and tacit consent of many Republicans, Democrats and independents. Be the change you want to see in society. Don’t tweet it, don’t post pictures of it, BE it. Get involved in your community, attend local board meetings, volunteer your time. Be accepting and patient of others who are different to you. Give people the courtesy to share the context of their convictions. Oftentimes, that simple act will lead to reciprocity.

    Jack BlacktoseJack BlacktoseTime siden
  • As far as I'm concerned any individual who earnestly called the election fraud should have their American citizenship revoked.

    Angry SantaAngry SantaTime siden
  • the sda part of this: more than 100 million people (and not just Americans) believe this bullshit. Ugh.

    James PakJames Pak2 timer siden
  • I’m not yuyyytyyttyyyj guy to

    Rj SperaRj Spera2 timer siden
  • parler.com/post/11892aaf6fe14930bccb9570f7352482

    Harold HindershitzHarold Hindershitz3 timer siden
  • perfect. a guy shouting, who wants freedom and expects to be dragged away, only to find out he enjoys his freedom of speech just fine

    dale mccalldale mccall3 timer siden
  • notown.info/two/video/2dt8qHuPmM5-tZI.html So, uh, about your confidence in voting machines...

    Speedybug BrylythSpeedybug Brylyth4 timer siden
  • No one likes you Oliver.

    Daevin DilbeckDaevin Dilbeck4 timer siden
  • Biden=dementia Biden voters=gullible/sheep

    c Pc P4 timer siden
    • President in name only, illegitimate 😁✌

      c Pc P2 timer siden
    • @twatoast haha no tears just pity

      c Pc P2 timer siden
    • Biden = President of the United States 🇺🇸. P. S. Your tears are delicious 😋!

      twatoasttwatoast4 timer siden
  • John Oliver you're a comedian that's not even funny. Now you're just a liberal hack Democratic stooge. Trump won and you're just trying to cover up the fraud like the rest of the democratic Stooges in the United States.

    James DavisJames Davis6 timer siden
    • 😭😭😭😭

      twatoasttwatoast4 timer siden
    • He's hilarious. Ah, I see another Trumpie in denial. Sorry, but your cult leader lost.

      Stephen2462Stephen24625 timer siden
  • John!!!! Wazzup with that phone background?!?!?!??! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Gordi AugustinGordi Augustin6 timer siden
  • Some of us conservatives use to like to watch you as a different logical point of view so we can see both sides. Now you just push the leftist agenda like every left main stream media. Watch your ratings tank as the truth comes out because people like me aren't going to watch anymore.

    truth seeker1995truth seeker19956 timer siden
    • 😭😭😭🤪🤪🤪🤪

      twatoasttwatoast4 timer siden
    • It's not JO's fault that Trump is a terrible president. What "truth"?

      Stephen2462Stephen24625 timer siden
  • Hey Jhon are you speaking with your mouth or your ass?.

    peter bekakospeter bekakos6 timer siden
    • 😭😭😭😭

      twatoasttwatoast4 timer siden
  • Maybe Trump is so upset is because he and his group committed voter fraud?

    Robert TRobert T8 timer siden
  • The irony that they are singing a song by Freddie Mercury... a gay man who would most of them would discriminate against if he were still alive

    Annette GonzalesAnnette Gonzales8 timer siden
  • Seth Meyers said it best. Joe ran for office a bunch of times and couldn't get the job done, so it wasn't really that 80 million voted for him... so much as it was that 80 million voted AGAINST Trump.

    osriodoreosriodore10 timer siden
  • At least try to be a little honest. I've seen your other videos before Trump on voting. You admit to the scandals and problems with voting but when it comes to Trump there's nothing to see here. If you're going to act like you're a newscaster try to act like one occasionally. The National Enquirer probably needs you LOL

    My OpinionMy Opinion11 timer siden
    • JO has indeed discussed the potential issues with voter machines, yes, but that doesn't change the fact that there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Trump's just talking out of his ass as per usual. Nah, the National Enquirer's owner is buddies with Trump.

      Stephen2462Stephen24625 timer siden
  • Wow the Election deniers have there heads up there @$$ from there O'Holy Dear Supreme leader Trump 👏 😊

    Justin HJustin H12 timer siden
  • Are we really surprised Trump is still trying to force himself upon us after we said no?

    mlouis035mlouis03514 timer siden
  • I Love how the leftist communist party keeps saying "absolutely no evidence" . Hope you saved some of the liquor from the party so you can drown your sorrows in it. enjoy Gitmo

    K HK H15 timer siden
    • Give it a few days. We won’t have to be communists. No food stamps for you.

      K HK H46 minutter siden
    • 😭😭😭😭 Your tears are delicious.

      twatoasttwatoast4 timer siden
    • @K H We want evidence, not more wild claims. Regurgitating propaganda just makes you look silly.

      Stephen2462Stephen24625 timer siden
    • @Ethan Wilkins ..expand away from CNN and MSNBC for your information, and certainly recognize that John Oliver is an SNL comedian , not a journalist. Georgia and Pennsylvania for starters are so terribly fraught with hard evidence it makes my head spin. add to that Wisconsin and Michigan and it will make you sick. According to CNN however, these are baseless claims. I shake my damn head.

      K HK H6 timer siden
    • Where is the evidence though? I'm genuinely curious. I'm fairly liberal, but I'm 100% willing to believe a voter fraud claim if there is substantial evidence to prove it (even if it means Biden loses). If Donald Trump and his "tremendous" claims are true then there should be some concrete and damning evidence. A fair and equal democratic system is the framework America's purpose is built on, but from what I see it seems like the only voter fraud is from the Trump Campaign/the right. For example, they tried to make mail-in voting more difficult (or even remove the option) knowing full well that democrats are more likely to vote through the mail rather than in person.

      Ethan WilkinsEthan Wilkins12 timer siden
  • It's okay John, lots of people have a tentacle fetish.

    Birthday1313Birthday131315 timer siden
  • See m.notown.info/two/video/q7GedGeDbJxmr8k.html

    Rick RykerRick Ryker15 timer siden
  • "Octopi"

    RaymondGWRaymondGW15 timer siden
  • How come NO ONE is talking about the Raccoon in the Raccoon cookie jar? That was the best part.

    DaFiresMenDaFiresMen16 timer siden
  • Hulk hulk.

    Freedom PatriotFreedom Patriot17 timer siden
  • LOL the site is gone now XD

    RR18 timer siden
  • 🐑 I VOTED FOR Baa Baa Biden ... thanks Main sheep media 😂😂🤦‍♂️.

    jim beamjim beam20 timer siden
  • Brb, gonna go watch the episode on the voting machines.

    Just watching ffsJust watching ffs20 timer siden
  • John, the only way to get rid of a malignant narcissist is to stop talking about him. Ostracize him. Period.

    xxLaKalypsoxxxxLaKalypsoxx21 time siden
  • Wow 11k people that are sore losers

    Gary InMarzGary InMarz21 time siden
    • @soinu foig lol yeah, but at least it's not OAN or whatever

      Jonah LylesJonah Lyles17 timer siden
    • i used to like last week tonight until i realized that its just a propaganda platform

      soinu foigsoinu foig17 timer siden

    toto maxwelltoto maxwell21 time siden
    • back to work.

      soinu foigsoinu foig17 timer siden
  • How can a man that gets so much hatred right from day 1 thrive and keep thriving till this day. Theres one thing for sure, God is on his side.

    Fun vickFun vick21 time siden
  • God damn way to give the teenage meat beater a My Hero poster on the outside of his door. Best joke you've ever made.

    Booti_Boi 69Booti_Boi 6921 time siden
  • "Our voting system is a fraud!" "OK, under whose watch did this happen? Who was in charge? Whoever that guy is, he should be fired!"

    Nick BarnesNick Barnes22 timer siden
  • Holy hecklers in the streets, I haven't done that many pushups in 30 seconds in... ever?

    BAtkinsonBAtkinson23 timer siden
  • Really empty video,not informative at all.

    Guillaume IGuillaume I23 timer siden
  • I'm at the stop the count protest, I'm at the count the vote protest, I'm at the combination stop the count and count the vote protest.

    FunkopediaFunkopediaDag siden
  • This is why people hate American (USA) and make fun of them. SImple. Stop the division. unite and correct one of the worst countries in the world.

    Neil NicholsonNeil NicholsonDag siden
  • 🇺🇸

    Albert KirschAlbert KirschDag siden
  • Wait. Are. But. I thought the end of December was when we were going to find out.

    Dan WattDan WattDag siden
    • The electors pretty much always vote how their states voted, an Biden won by more thn sixty electoral votes.

      Stephen2462Stephen246223 timer siden
  • I did go out and sound off an air horn three times!

    A Hippie with An attitudeA Hippie with An attitudeDag siden
  • 07:48 I'm very confused cuz I do not recall (other than downtown) Detroit having an area with that many caucasian people (not even kidding). So did this group of protesters actually go into Detroit, just to protest continued voting in Detroit? Yeah I cannot imagine why I hated living in this state and moved as far away as possible as soon as possible. No thanks never again. Wosre 7 years of my life lol

    Nick-E NicoleNick-E NicoleDag siden
  • I predicted there would be dancing in the streets when Biden WINS the election

    Lester StarksLester StarksDag siden
  • especially when youre clearly voting for an old man who has the beginnings of dementia and just ignoring the clear and rising threat from communist china. i hate don lemon i hate the leftist propaganda organizations because its literally just them generation the illusion of division in the u.s. pretty much everyone is sick of the b.s. and just wants to get back to work.

    Cody GroeningCody GroeningDag siden
    • @Stephen2462 sure

      Cody GroeningCody Groening21 time siden
    • He isn't, Republican propoganda just says he is. Illusion of division? Dafaq are you smoking and where can I get some? Precisely, hence people voting for Biden. Nobody expects him to be a great president, but he's more competant then Trump, and less likely to be constantly pumping out stupid drama, scandals, and fuckups.

      Stephen2462Stephen246223 timer siden
  • i used to like last week tonight until i realized that its just a propaganda platform

    Cody GroeningCody GroeningDag siden
    • Well technically yes, so is any platform talking about politics. Propaganda is an extremely vague term and is not negative on its own

      RR_GamingRR_GamingDag siden
  • "If you dont understand how those images rhyme with history, it might just be because you're not used to seeing them in color" that was fantastic

    Ivan EspinozaIvan EspinozaDag siden
  • You do not have to use cursing it's on we're tired of the negative talking please do not I will never listen to you again

    Patricia MathewsPatricia MathewsDag siden
    • It's a show on HBO, are you new to planet earth. It's like watching a rated R film and being shocked that there's sex & violence in it. Really?! Smh ugh

      Nick-E NicoleNick-E NicoleDag siden
  • disgusting to watch , please god , come and make this right

    Alex RodAlex RodDag siden
  • "Do they think we're idiots? Do they think we're fools?" Uh yeah, that may have factored into some people's voting decisions recently.

    SusanSusanDag siden
  • notown.info/two/video/k9WlrKKPpZd7q5aO.html (Video from Robert Reich is the final legal nail in Trump's coffin): Trump backers are trying to push Republican-controlled state legislatures to appoint their own slates of Trump electors. That’s why the campaign has launched empty legal challenges to perfectly normal vote counts -- trying to sow enough doubt to give the state legislatures political cover to appoint their own electors. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like Republican legislators in any of the key swing states want to expend their political capital defending a failed president, and some have even explicitly come out against this plan. Btw- it would be illegal, anyway, to vote against the party's slate of electors, of the party that won the popular vote in that state. There is no provision for that.

    Bart BellBart BellDag siden
  • It still amazes me how trumpies can't imagine that two million more people voted against Trump this time. I'm surprised it's not more. Have they been paying attention? He's a disaster.

    xelle wyblexelle wybleDag siden
    • When you're in a cult there's no need to pay attention, only take orders like a mindless robot.

      Nick-E NicoleNick-E NicoleDag siden
  • Is anybody gonna comment on how the background picture of johns phone in 1:03 is a hamster in a speedo?

    Rafael NascimentoRafael NascimentoDag siden
  • Google says Trump is the President Am I lost?

    AYUSHAYUSHDag siden
  • My favorite part of the video is the fact that the judge had a courtroom background

    Emmanuel MontoyaEmmanuel MontoyaDag siden
  • News of the left. How bland, and with a face and attitude like that you KNOW he got wedgied EVERY DAY in every school

    TeeOneZeeTeeOneZeeDag siden
  • Thank you John Oliver and thank your writers too. Happy Thanksgiving

    Bradley BertramBradley BertramDag siden
  • Lieutenant governor Goldberg*

    Dami DaramolDami DaramolDag siden
  • Once again, Black Women save America.

    BaelBaelDag siden
  • I want to see Trump getting dragged out of the Oval Office screaming and squirming in protest.

    BaelBaelDag siden
  • Why is Last Week Tonight always the next video to be played on my youtube? I mean it's good and all, but I've already seen it, everything that's on youtube, sooooo what's the deal here?

    FinnstigatorFinnstigatorDag siden
  • How to tell Trump is definitely out, amazon is selling stuff with his name for 30-50% off. Incase you give us surprise show before year end maybe good one to use.

    Devan BhatiaDevan BhatiaDag siden
  • Oh Rudy, you and your rhetorical questions.

    Kel StepsKel StepsDag siden
  • Ohh the great divided country of America 😂😂

    J KlaasJ KlaasDag siden
  • I am so very very happy that Biden/Harris won the 2020 elections!!! Yes!!!

    Dianna MillerDianna MillerDag siden
  • The BBQ guy will remain a legend for the rest of eternity.

    Francis ChabotFrancis ChabotDag siden
  • Celebrating like an octopus on ecstasy is going to be my new catchphrase

    FoxaeFoxaeDag siden
  • John Oliver is a snapping turtle 🐢 😍

    Christina NicholsonChristina NicholsonDag siden
  • I'm so happy someone else appreciates octopuses and would spill the facts in celebration 🍾 😌

    InsaneCrazyZombieDeerInsaneCrazyZombieDeerDag siden
  • This guy used to be very funny but not any more. Maybe he is still being seen as funny by the trump haters. A true comedian should be able to make fun of all kinds of people, not just trump and his supporters. Perhaps it's too hard?

    Ching ChaoChing ChaoDag siden
    • Someone's upset.

      TravisTravisDag siden
  • Octopi, not octopuses. C'mon John 🐙

    Cayleigh is CluelessCayleigh is CluelessDag siden
  • While the gift of seeing Trump spend an entire week losing has been nice, it is important that America actually prosecute the many, many fascist fucks involved in the administration's extended selection of crimes. You cannot recover from a car accident until you get the broken glass out of your face, and America cannot recover from this nightmare until it deals with all of the criminality and stupidity that brought it here.

    Lex SlateLex SlateDag siden
  • Of all the places I expected to see a My Hero Academia poster, the last was in an photo edit for a ten second joke in a LWTWJO episode.

    Winter WildeWinter WildeDag siden
  • Finally. We kicked Trump out of office.

    Bryan Benedict BonifacioBryan Benedict BonifacioDag siden
  • To be fair, at least with CNN, they were emphasizing “we won’t know the results tonight”.

    Faris AbuainFaris AbuainDag siden
  • 1:27 These people are extremely inconsiderate - do they realize the pandemic is still going on? I’m as happy that trump lost as the best guy, but Jesus Christ people, stay inside! Keep a 6ft distance! God ....

    Faris AbuainFaris AbuainDag siden
  • This was suggested after the video of him going on for 30 minutes about how easy it would be to tamper with the election... ? Which is it.. ?

    Furness PrimeFurness PrimeDag siden
    • I'm willing to bet the illiterate moron must be correct, obviously. And when it comes to open heart surgery, a hamster is definitely more reliable than a person with any kind of medical education & experience. Yep, that all seems totally logical.

      Nick-E NicoleNick-E NicoleDag siden
  • It's pronounced "Leftenant-Governor" Mr Oliver: "LEFtenant"... as well you know!

    James ElliottJames ElliottDag siden
    • I don't think they pronounce it that way in America.

      hhiippiittyyhhiippiittyyDag siden
  • They also went from saying "stop the vote" to demanding recounts.

    Nathan LevesqueNathan LevesqueDag siden
  • Also, shrooms are legal in Oregon now :D

    Alicia AltairAlicia AltairDag siden
    • Hmm, maybe Rudy went to Oregon for a bit

      GodZefirGodZefirDag siden
  • I love how Trumpists won't stop using music from gay and brown artists. Like I know it's wrong, the artists have not/would not approve their use, I know many who've had their music stolen by the Trump campaign are not happy about it, so I don't support their thievery. But there's just something so funny about a bunch of bigots singing songs from gay POC. It's up there with their incessant playing of Fortunate Son and Born in the USA in terms of ironic music selection. I remember thinking this when the Westboro Baptist Cult was first "protesting" with all these printed signs, like for real you guys only have those because of a gay man, so lol, and this is just like that. YMCA and We Are the Champions, one song made by a multicultural group of male singers created to cater to the gay community, and the other by a band fronted by a Zoroastrian gay man from Zanzibar who was killed by AIDS. And these are the songs being used by a violent rightwing extremist movement of white supremacists and bigots who support an incompetent wannabe dictator. The incongruities amuse me.

    Jade LaurelJade LaurelDag siden
  • it would be great to see mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham out as well !

    C CC CDag siden
  • Never in my life has four years felt so FUCKING LONG!

    gspendlovegspendloveDag siden
  • So much funnier to watch after the Dominion crime

    billy fixbilly fixDag siden
  • I'm positive at this point the only reason this channel has so many views is because it auto plays this channel after almost every video completely unrelated to what I'm watching and I've never seen this and don't like this man at all... Good job NOtown.

    Alex GriffinAlex GriffinDag siden
  • Biden supporters are rolling in their grave. Get it? Because dead people voted for him...

    DPDPDag siden
  • Are we just going to ignore the background of a hamster in a pink thong working out at 1:06

    The ChaconutThe Chaconut2 dager siden
    • Shh 🤫

      Zaid SyedZaid SyedDag siden
  • "Donald Trump's personal lawyer and star of the Borat movie"

    Justin TeurnJustin Teurn2 dager siden
  • I like your takes but I honestly don't think you're funny at all. Maybe I'm just too young to understand your "jokes"

    TheLookaasTheLookaas2 dager siden
  • There's no chance that declaring victory is the ONLY thing Trump does prematurely.

    Opinions No One Cares AboutOpinions No One Cares About2 dager siden
  • Hearing about Trump BS from the future is somehow a lot less scary.

    Edwin RodriguezEdwin Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • Part of the problem with 70 million people voting for Trump is the propoganda the news channels and internet push to people. The public is NOT well informed and do not think critically. We need to teach our children how to think critically if we have ANY hope of a peacefull future.

    Advocate For A TYT CanadaAdvocate For A TYT Canada2 dager siden
  • notown.info/two/video/qLqMoZ6ThLen2Mk.html

    Michael ReganMichael Regan2 dager siden
  • Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! (That’s a giant sigh of relief). I am heading out to buy myself some champagne to celebrate. Three bottles: one to celebrate DJT’s Loser status being confirmed by Joe Biden’s landslide victory, keeping the second on ice until the inauguration, and the third awaits DJT’s arrest & conviction in NYC for multiple counts of tax fraud. Subsequent celebrations will doubtless ensue when his family members also get arrested for those and other crimes. It’s a beautiful day!

    HRHDMKYTHRHDMKYT2 dager siden
    • Oh good. At first I thought you were screaming 🤣 But yes, same. Champagne for all! 🍾🍷🎉

      Mandy HMandy H2 dager siden
  • John Oliver sided with Trump in the potential for electoral fraud because of faulty machines in a 2019 video. He's an alt right, straight white male NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tom GreenTom Green2 dager siden
    • @Serendipity Jesus.... You missed the part in that video where Trump said paper ballots were the best form of recording, and John Oliver went back and agreed, then said he was probably slightly horny as well, huh? Not your fault... Reactionary comments from people like you rarely lack accurate information anyway. I reported you for fake news too lol

      Tom GreenTom Green2 dager siden
    • Your comprehension skills need work. What Oliver said was voting machines with the biggest vulnerability are “direct-recording electronic voting machines, or DREs, especially those without a paper trail.” He also added that only one state, Nevada uses DREs, but that they also use a paper ballot backup. So, No, he did not agree with Trump about election fraud.

      SerendipitySerendipity2 dager siden
  • oh yeah all the policies positions and pov of reality that got us here are back in controll we are sincerly fucked in a bad way not that good sexmake stuff

    Sergio WhiteSergio White2 dager siden
  • John Oliver is intentional disinformation. That’s a fact.

    Victoria AlvarezVictoria Alvarez2 dager siden
    • Everything is "disinformation""when you're in a cult, which Trump supporters are.

      TravisTravisDag siden
  • I like how the 30 seconds of fun sound like a confession for hentai

    Miguel PartidaMiguel Partida2 dager siden