Government Surveillance: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

5. april. 2015
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There are very few government checks on what America’s sweeping surveillance programs are capable of doing. John Oliver sits down with Edward Snowden to discuss the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, and dick-pics.
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    Tony ParksTony Parks26 minutter siden
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    Tony ParksTony Parks26 minutter siden
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    Tony ParksTony Parks26 minutter siden

    Tony ParksTony Parks27 minutter siden
  • just the fact that americans care more about thier dick pic than their personal info says so much

    Three DucklingsThree Ducklings8 timer siden
  • Man, I love Oliver and I love Snowden, but this interview really cut out pertinent information in favor of goofs....missed opportunity, IMO.

    Hood GlassesHood Glasses12 timer siden
  • I'd be sad to find out the government doesn't have a picture of my dick.

    nesamdoomnesamdoom14 timer siden
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    Eva MakarskiEva Makarski14 timer siden
  • Plz keep up the good work John. PLZ let Edward have the choice to come home, he is a whistle blower, not a traitor. Lastly, keep your eyes 👀 📴 my 🐍dicpics plz, they were sent to me, not the gov. Thankyou🥃

    kezkezDag siden
  • You misused the word vomitorium fyi

    Dillon QaphsielDillon QaphsielDag siden
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    Timmy NguyenTimmy NguyenDag siden
  • Every year i live Eric snowden becomes more of a hero

    Donald BoDonald BoDag siden
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    david rabdavid rab2 dager siden
  • have these e-mails mentioned at the end of the video been released to the public?

    RockstarRockstar3 dager siden
  • Of course it’s possible this was all pre-discussed but I love how this interview goes. How JO forces the discussion away from the ‘boring’ techno-babble and how ES picks up on what he is trying to do

    mema0005mema00053 dager siden
  • *I* care about the price of clove cigarettes and shrimp.

    Aria HoranAria Horan3 dager siden
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    Hurline RoseHurline Rose3 dager siden
  • You can do transparency in paint dumbass

    djtomoydjtomoy3 dager siden
  • Man I hate John Oliver, but this is funny as hell. Glad I watched it

    ZoronicZoronic4 dager siden
  • This did not age well at all. We just had an uprising and now everyone is trying to act like nothing happened. Lord have mercy.

    kiyu -_-kiyu -_-4 dager siden
  • LOL imagine the riots being cut to Justin Bieber.

    Rafael OdaRafael Oda4 dager siden
    • Don't worry I'm sure that's their next narrative when it gets worse.

  • So weird to see Harold Finch without his waistcoat...

    chucku00chucku004 dager siden
  • "Assange is not a likable man" oh fuck you, John. John Oliver literally fell victim to the pink press. But then he gets Emmy's for his great research.

    progamer yeet yeetprogamer yeet yeet6 dager siden
  • John Oliver explaining the double speak

    A ChavanarorkratA Chavanarorkrat6 dager siden
  • Government surveillance is at its all time high. People don’t realize. They can watch you for ten years and let you know it. So if that’s not overstepping and harassing I don’t know what is.

    DanDan6 dager siden
  • its amazing how snowden answers rhetorical 'joke' questions with so much thought like he has no clue what kind of journalist he's dealing with hah

    Daniel HookerDaniel Hooker7 dager siden
  • Johns like, weirdly sure of himself in the snowden interview - who is this assertive man?!

    Daniel HookerDaniel Hooker7 dager siden
  • I'll never understand why he implies Cumberbatch makes all roles likeable - i literally think of Benedict Cumberbatch when i think of 'punchable faces' - is it just me??

    Daniel HookerDaniel Hooker7 dager siden
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    Charles NewtonCharles Newton7 dager siden
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    Polly RichardsonPolly Richardson9 dager siden
  • I wish they would do an update on surveillance, since so many things have changed on this topic, over the last 5 years.

    OhMyShelbiiiOhMyShelbiii10 dager siden
  • Julian Assange wont be extradited to USA, haha

    nayte waynayte way11 dager siden
    • @Inner Descent he was in a British court a few days ago the judge ruled against extradition to the USA.

      nayte waynayte way7 dager siden
    • With the leader of the embassy he was at during this time it was highly unlikely, bit there was a change in leadership and the new guy wanted to get in good graces with the U.S.

      Inner DescentInner Descent7 dager siden
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    Ca CaCa Ca11 dager siden
  • Did you read Snowden's book, Permanent record? It's very interesting. Every American should read it.

    Gábor KrálikGábor Králik12 dager siden
  • 9:32 Ah, good thing I changed my vole's name to Snuggles then.

    Nanyu BusnisNanyu Busnis12 dager siden
  • Imagine how many people they had to ask to find those few who didn't know the facts about Snowden. Most of us do know who and what he is about in America.

    AzsiryodaAzsiryoda13 dager siden
  • "Of all the emotions fear weakens judgement the most". It pisses me off big time that people believed 9-11and gave up so much freedom in its name. I learned Newton's laws of physics in the 5th grade. At 10 yrs old I could have known the story we were fed was simply impossible. For one example, nothing can fall at free-fall speed unless there is nothing to impede it. That is only one of a number of physical impossibilities in the story we were fed.

    honora lovallhonora lovall13 dager siden
  • Love the protection, Being an actual somebody is nearly impossible under the tough love of Government Surveillance. Tough Love is a kind of impossible dream. When it turns into a Constitutional Deaf Con it changes color. Red, White and Blue the everyday facts for all caregiver's who believe in Empathy. Mixing with Empathy is what Phillip K. Dick reads into my future. Read into my future, like Empathy is a condition of working together. Please Read into my Future, approval in general not unconditional. Brian A Koller Not junk, a hair balled straw dog. The Very Best ( T.V.B.) in 2021. BAK

    Brian KollerBrian Koller14 dager siden
  • What a great interview, same after 5 years!

    RazamanazRazamanaz15 dager siden
  • I have literally watched this interview over 30 times and it doesn’t get old!! “ Do you miss truck nuts ?” Snowden’s face 🤔 “stars and stripes truck nuts! “ that is two balls of liberty in a freedom sac” hahahahaha 😂 😂

    Sabrina nunezSabrina nunez15 dager siden
  • Snowden is the real hero. Obama pales in comparison!

    kiran thapakiran thapa16 dager siden
  • How do people not know who snowden is They literally made a movie about him and what happened. now I know why so many people in America believed and voted for Trumps dumba**

    Just BJust B16 dager siden
  • The real patriot act is the act of taking a picture of your junk

    Gnome de PlumeGnome de Plume16 dager siden
  • NO on COVID-19 Shiekh Omar Baloch

    Mohammed AllababidiMohammed Allababidi16 dager siden
  • Allah الله

    Mohammed AllababidiMohammed Allababidi16 dager siden
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    Lucille CookLucille Cook18 dager siden
  • What would have happened if Snowden was not white?

    MitulMitul18 dager siden
  • 13:20 imagine just not giving a fuck and just fucking whattever you want , in front of anyone, basicly oblivious.i kno someoeople can, but I still think the turtle is a boss

    hhris Chhris C20 dager siden
  • But you didn't give a chance to Snowden to answer the questions you asked 🤔

    Timur AlmabetovTimur Almabetov21 dag siden
  • So who is ISIS, who killed, slaughtered and kidnapped 8 thousand people from my city Singar. Like What The Fuck, Why?

    Fun FactsFun Facts21 dag siden
  • That is the best interview I've seen

    Finn Mitchell-stubleyFinn Mitchell-stubley23 dager siden
  • Englands gift to the USA i present John Oliver can we have him back

    stephen tarrstephen tarr25 dager siden
  • Snowden and Chelsea Manning are heroes. As a combat vet and a Manning I might be biased lol

    Joe CannabyteJoe Cannabyte25 dager siden
  • He threw his life away to expose evil. He's a hero in the fullest sense of the word.

    Jotto999Jotto99925 dager siden
  • "...he resembles a sandwich bag full of biscuit dough wearing a stevie nicks wig..." yep, that's Assange! and that tortoise clip is so much better than justin bieber

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingers25 dager siden
  • Ayo where can I find these documents asking for me

    Sjsh SheheSjsh Shehe25 dager siden
  • c'mon guys, Im european and I knew about Snowden. Get a grip america. seriously though, I hope he'll be able to return to his country and his family one day. If everything he did was swept under the rug and no one remembers it anymore, it seems so cruel that he has to still stay away

    kate bkate b25 dager siden
  • You’re just so damn brave John. You deserve to be knighted. Seriously.

    SherSher26 dager siden
  • "It's entirely believable " holy shit that was a harsh and hilarious burn!

    TT26 dager siden
    • 29:57

      TT26 dager siden
  • 15:56 16:07 look at him he's so surprised

    TT26 dager siden
  • I thought he was a Russian spy. Sorry Snowden

    TT26 dager siden
    • Ps: I'm not American

      TT26 dager siden
  • I'm glad that John Oliver isn't letting him off the hook here. So, at 21:30, Snowden basically says that the risk of giving highly classified pictures and data to journalists who he admits are capable of incompetence and revealing information that can get soldiers and intelligence officers killed, is worth it. Not just soldiers and intelligence agents killed, but also civilians and their families who take the risk of feeding us information about terrorist networks. That's a heck of a leap of faith you're willing to take with other people's lives, Snowden. And there's no way to tell how many of those soldiers and civilians who helped us may have died because of Snowden's, Assange's, Chelsea Manning's, and others' actions, or how many intelligence agents will disappear and be tortured to death for information, if these documents reveal their identities to hostile countries. The United States government has done many dark and evil things, even to our own citizens, let alone foreign countries. NOtown is full of lists of those evil things that have been proven that we did. The issue seems to be the wholesale dump of this mountain of sensitive information that was stolen from a classified database, without proper vetting as to what it is or how dangerous to our country or its soldiers to release it, and simply relying on faith that the worst won't happen.

    MaskedMarvylMaskedMarvyl26 dager siden
  • Genius the way he breaks it down in realistic and understandable terms

    NikkiNikki26 dager siden
  • @21:31; Snowden: "The only time in which you'll be free from risk is when you're in prison." 2019: "Oh, really now?" 2020: "Can confirm, you can still be at risk in prison."

    ZT1STZT1ST26 dager siden
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    Cornelia ChukesCornelia Chukes28 dager siden
  • If you ask Americans to make tough decisions...confront tough problems...they'll actually surprise you. LOL We were asked to wear a fucking mask during a pandemic and that was too much for a larger-than-should-have-been percentage of the country.

    Jason CavanaughJason Cavanaugh28 dager siden
  • This is cool but not as cool as

    Kick StarterKick Starter29 dager siden
  • It makes me comfortable to know that someone is looking over my shoulder, it’s not like I do anything thing relevant to my actual self on the internet, unless the government can somehow leverage diy tutorials and a subscription to a reaction channel against me

    Gabriel FlamerichGabriel Flamerich29 dager siden
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    Елена СавиноваЕлена СавиноваMåned siden
  • Not really a fan of how he interviewed him. It really feels like he half assed a great opportunity. Oh wow he actually showed up this is amazing! Hey look at the truck nuts. And he interrupted him sooooo many times. Still love John but jesus christ man.

    Super Kami TabyrSuper Kami TabyrMåned siden
  • 통조림

    somi parksomi parkMåned siden
  • 호주에서일한적있눈과부돌

    somi parksomi parkMåned siden
  • U r outstanding

    man with pen around neckman with pen around neckMåned siden
  • "The only place you are completely free of risk is prison". Tell that to Julian Assange. I love John Oliver, but I seriously don't think that Assange is "not likable", and did not deserve this rather negative presentation. He is in danger, he has his human rights violated and is at serious risk. He is in prison at the moment for doing his job as a journalist, therefore by evicting him to the US, the whole freedom of the press is undermined. P.S.: One of Julian's lawyers was the one that travelled with Snowden to Russia and helped him seek asylum there, while the United States had cancelled his passport. Whistleblowers do not deserve being hunt down and convicted, they are fundamental for a functional democracy. Only when people know who their government is, then they can freely choose who governs them.

    Natali MavromatiNatali MavromatiMåned siden
  • Too bad he would never delve into Julian assange we know why

    Ashton NoletAshton NoletMåned siden
  • They passed those laws

    A. DevA. DevMåned siden
  • Who think John Oliver can suck every guy at CIA off if given a chance? and what information was sensitive he didnt give any example

    John DoeJohn DoeMåned siden
  • Meanwhile, the media was manufacturing consent.

    John BJohn BMåned siden

      VapidVapidMåned siden
  • The great reset but in 2015

    The LancerThe LancerMåned siden
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    Carlton DunnertCarlton DunnertMåned siden
  • Do you think that was actually his dick, or was he just making a point

    Ben SeedBen SeedMåned siden
    • Akshul dick

      Luis RuizLuis RuizMåned siden
  • respect for the balls this man has to stand up... agains these ,,big"" names in the cappital

    Marcel van SMarcel van SMåned siden
  • God bless you, John Oliver, sincerely; truthfully, in Jesus Christ's living, holy, sovereign name. All is well, content and full of joy in Christ. We love you. Merry Christmas. I thank God for everyday He gives you. God is love. God bless, save, protect, empower and have mercy upon America, in Jesus Christ's returning, wrathful Judge name. Fear not. Fear God only. Psalm 117 1 O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. 2 For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Mark 1:3-4 3 The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. 4 John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins. John 3:16 Authorized (King James) Version 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Gregory BrumwellGregory BrumwellMåned siden
  • 2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth. 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 2-4 Authorized (King James) Version

    Gregory BrumwellGregory BrumwellMåned siden

    Gregory BrumwellGregory BrumwellMåned siden
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    Jane McdowellJane McdowellMåned siden
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    schwabental socorroschwabental socorroMåned siden
  • Watching Edward’s reaction to the videos John showed him of US citizens not even remotely being aware of or caring about the information he revealed or the sacrifices he made absolute broke my heart

    Sydney Pakkala ShepardSydney Pakkala ShepardMåned siden
  • I actually thought this was a joke until he actually fuckin showed up. What a legend.

    Eric CanoEric CanoMåned siden
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    Wanda BaileyerWanda BaileyerMåned siden
  • Funny how we can joke about these things but it’s the most serious thing in the government right now

    Colby MullerColby MullerMåned siden
  • if someone could get a hold of the cia dick picks they might have enough leverage to set some restrictions in place so we don't have a1984 on our hands.

    Jace PottsJace PottsMåned siden
  • Snowden: I... invented WikiLeaks...? Oliver: Well on the bright side I guess you can home now cause no one seems to know who the fk you are 😂

    Nuclear SamNuclear SamMåned siden
  • My experience...We had people call and not say anything, etc. We can show you where they park. Surveillance can be city crew, park crews, pretend homeless people, people walking/ riding bikes, people walking there dog's, etc. They can target your spiritual groups, etc. Watch the movie the Net by Sandra bullock.

    C ServC ServMåned siden
  • snowdens fault was he gave it to the journalists who dont work for us and probably destroyed all the files he sent over expect the few files that would make them look good. he assumed humanity would push aside political or job agendas and spread the truth. snowden essientially found out an evil dictator is going to destroy the world then gave it to the media who is controlled by that evil dictator and expected them to release it to the world. he should have literally gave it to anyone else if your going to go "im going to leak shit that the gov is hiding" then how about actually fucking leaking it? No one knows who he is anymore, everything he did to dig up this shit has been forgotten and hes sitting in russia probs still thinkin he made a difference.

    StateraStateraMåned siden
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    jasmine dukesjasmine dukesMåned siden
  • I love how this shows how good John Oliver and his team is good at interviewing people. Shows the public aren't concerned, creates a way to get them concerned and shows them how it works

    Antony FAntony FMåned siden
  • Five fucking years and I bet people know even less what this hero did and what this entire thing is about.

    IamMeIamMeMåned siden
  • Snowden- “The NSA has the greatest surveillance capabilities that we’ve ever seen in history” Communist Party of China- “hold my beer”

    Cole McCallumCole McCallumMåned siden