OAN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

5. april. 2020
10 402 363 Ganger

One America News, or OAN, is a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump at his coronavirus press briefings. John Oliver takes a look at who they are, how they report, and why they could be a big problem during the pandemic.
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  • It’s taken me a while to realize that a lot of heavy conservatives call liberals and democrats in general communist or socialist. I’m personally an independent but I don’t understand why they call them communist. Can anyone explain why?

    AlexisAlexis3 timer siden
  • John Oliver, this segment makes you look like a fool. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to try to find things to criticize people about. Not funny and very little truth behind your mocking.

    Bruce WagnerBruce Wagner4 timer siden
  • I used to like John Oliver. But it's so obvious that he is totally owned by the powerful elites who own mainstream media.

    Bruce WagnerBruce Wagner4 timer siden
  • I think the thing so funny about the name is how similar it is to the "One China.." line who infiltrated who OAN?

    CondorSC2CondorSC28 timer siden
  • You are about as funny as a pile of bird droppings. Y....A....W....N

    Andy MacAndy Mac13 timer siden
  • And here you are talking about them.... They sure got your attention Oliver twit :)

    Twisper21Twisper2113 timer siden
  • "Liking someone's twitter post seven months later is creepy" I'm liking this comment on the 16th of January 2021, nine months after this video was uploaded.

    Super WigglerSuper Wiggler19 timer siden
  • Your a puppet John. Still entertaining but a puppet

    Direct XDirect X20 timer siden
  • Watching this in January 2021 and thinking "DAMMIT people, we had tons of warning signs!"

    shortylickens69shortylickens6920 timer siden
  • Oan is not biased & does not spread propaganda & lies like all the other media ( MSM) . They tell the real truth ... you making this segment to make of fun of Oan are apart of the problem too... MSM is hiding anything the left does thats wrong. They won't mention crimes Biden id guilty of ...

    Tina Love & LightTina Love & LightDag siden
  • We got rid of HBO years ago !

    Nicholas Kevin RicchiutiNicholas Kevin RicchiutiDag siden
  • OAN: Like Fox News, but worse.

    Liam YungLiam YungDag siden
  • OANN is bad because they like Orange Man. Orange man bad, ego OAN bad? Your logic is flawless. Someone needs to tell this jerk that comedians are supposed to TELL jokes, not BE jokes. SMH.

    Scott BrumleyScott BrumleyDag siden
    • He can be whoever the hell he wants to be sir. Lol nothing is gonna change

      Big BubbuBig BubbuDag siden
  • SPOILER ALERT: OAN does get people killed.

    BrodaciousBrodaciousDag siden
  • how is John Oliver going to comment on censorship by G$$gle, Suckerberg & Co, i wonder...

    JeromeJeromeDag siden
  • *Surprise, surprise, another Trump hating mouth piece who thinks they're funny. 🥱*

    Elected0nesElected0nesDag siden
  • Surprise,. A network asks a legitimate question. After what Trump has been through. Why wouldn't be like them. Don't be fake news

    Merideth WallaceMerideth WallaceDag siden
    • I won't subscribe

      Merideth WallaceMerideth WallaceDag siden
  • Thanks john Oliver for telling me about this news station. Now I have something else to watch besides 🦊

    Mad DeXXXMad DeXXX2 dager siden
  • Somewhat like the important questions asked of Biden by the MSM

    Dan CDan C2 dager siden
  • Douche hat

    Radical SaltineRadical Saltine2 dager siden
  • Mccarthyism at its best, smear your opponents and never have to prove yourself.

    Radical SaltineRadical Saltine2 dager siden
  • You're not funny anymore John

    jimmy Biterjimmy Biter2 dager siden

    Michael BechtelMichael Bechtel3 dager siden
  • So what John Oliver is saying is that OAN plays softball with conservatives just like the main stream propaganda news does with liberals 🤔 🙄 🤣 Liberals are brainwashed idiots All day long mspn programming them and they suck it right up

    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson3 dager siden
  • Propaganda lol

    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson3 dager siden
  • OAN's actually good, though.

    Andrew BaileyAndrew Bailey3 dager siden
    • @Pierre OAN is creeping up

      Our Founding LiarsOur Founding Liars2 dager siden
    • Newsmax is way better

      PierrePierre3 dager siden
  • I've never heard of John Oliver, after listening to his diatribes with nothing to say except bitching, how sad.

    Evelyn StukenholtzEvelyn Stukenholtz3 dager siden
    • @Tyler Johnson That would be quite hypocritical, Aren’t you doing the same thing with OAN?

      Fernandez EmailFernandez Email2 dager siden
    • @Fernandez Email you're just repeating what the voice in the box told you to say

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson2 dager siden
    • @Tyler Johnson It’s shows the lack of education because you talk about brainwashing but then ignore completely that OAN is doing it to you by not telling you the factual truth, even Fox couldn’t do that.

      Fernandez EmailFernandez Email3 dager siden
    • @Fernandez Email and what?

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson3 dager siden
    • And what?

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson3 dager siden
  • he needs to hire better writers

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith3 dager siden
  • John Oliver is less funny and more a news show failing to be funny when you remove the laughing track. Oh sorry, the “live audience”

    Weekly bird shitWeekly bird shit3 dager siden
  • When is John back.. ? It is not soon enough that's assured!

    TregMediaHDTregMediaHD4 dager siden
    • You miss your programming 😆

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson3 dager siden
  • 3:43 elmer Fudd laugh. What a dweeb

    cameronwulffcameronwulff4 dager siden
  • OAN is simply ahead of all the other news media. OAN is what America wants. It, and Trump, have liberated America from the tyranny of facts and truth. OAN, Trump, and his devotees understand that emotional impact is more important than truth.

    ThewayICitThewayICit4 dager siden
    • Thats pure horse shit 💩

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson3 dager siden
  • Thanks for explaining this so well I am now going to watch AON everyday, they sound like splendid people!

    Tony GTony G4 dager siden
    • Look out for the trans penguins, Tony. Hope you join your friends at the Capitol later!

      Stoicorus FathomStoicorus Fathom2 dager siden
  • Democra-cheat.... Democra-sin.... Democra-shit... is what Trump has done to DEMOCRACY, and your support relays that! Shame, shame, shame. Choose the Constitution instead!

    Vincent ButruilleVincent Butruille4 dager siden
  • Now do the same report for CNN with Biden.

    Player1 TVPlayer1 TV4 dager siden
  • What the hell was that from oan. Its sounds like Clown tv. 🤷‍♂️

    J KurtzJ Kurtz5 dager siden
  • You hate and want to silence just because you don't like it. That's just exactly how nazi/fascist work

    Thangneireng KomThangneireng Kom5 dager siden
  • That whole rant about the gender of the penguin by that lady seemed like a sketch that SNL would do about the pointless arguments that the extreme conservatives make

    Easwaran SivakumarEaswaran Sivakumar5 dager siden
  • How insightful, it appears you are right, missinformation can end up killing people. No, I'm not talking about people being told that injections of disinfection will cure covid, I'm talking about encouraging people to bring down democracy based on a big fat lie.

    Theresa MTheresa M5 dager siden
    • Brenda Snipes? Who is she? Why DeSantis force her resignation ? Lol

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson3 dager siden

    David JacksonDavid Jackson5 dager siden
  • I hope junior gets that tiger.

    JadeskorpionJadeskorpion5 dager siden
  • My mother in law recommend this news network to me...

    Veronica WatsonVeronica Watson5 dager siden
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    Chris GeorgeChris George5 dager siden
  • OAN is the one telling the truth. Stfu

    JesseJesse5 dager siden
    • OAN and North Korea State TV, you just can't trust anyone else these days, they're all fake news!

      Zoran BeaderZoran Beader5 dager siden
  • How many OAN viewers do you think graduated high school?

    HepHep5 dager siden
  • How much do you get paid for this?

    KishKish5 dager siden
  • OAN makes Fox News look left wing and that hard to do

    Emperor PalpatineEmperor Palpatine5 dager siden
  • John Oliver is amusing, funny, entertaining and a complete idiot when it comes to politics. Hey, can't have everything.

    Release The KrakenRelease The Kraken5 dager siden
  • And all of this brings us to a right wing movement intent on overthrowing the government and murdering public officials because they didn't win an election.

    Samuel RosanderSamuel Rosander6 dager siden
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE CHANGE (song) notown.info/two/video/mrKYbIegpJqlqJI.html -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Eckhard BlockEckhard Block6 dager siden
  • OAN = Orange Asshole News

    Shan78 rauShan78 rau6 dager siden
  • Kettle calling the pot black, Lol

    Chauncey CainesChauncey Caines6 dager siden
  • Why would he call on fake news?

    Chauncey CainesChauncey Caines6 dager siden
  • The fact that Chanel Rion has an extreme political leaning, coupled with a vocabulary website where she teaches her followers new terms (buzzwords) is unsettling. Reminds me of the limited vocabulary in George Orwell's 1984.

    Aldridge517Aldridge5176 dager siden
  • OAN is like the bastard love child of Anne Colter, Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson

    Declan Handley-ByrneDeclan Handley-Byrne6 dager siden
  • I trust OAN and Fox just as much as I trust CNN and MSNBC.

    Chaon TChaon T6 dager siden
  • Smith-Mundt act bans propaganda in the US.

    Lorna MillerLorna Miller6 dager siden
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    Hanes HowieHanes Howie7 dager siden
  • What fake news looks like. Too bad I used to think you were funny until I realized you’re connected to this disgusting, greedy, child traffickers of the world. All you did was share a clip of a compilation the many times he calle don OAN. He didn’t feel happy. She just asked a real journalistic question unlike your friends that just bully him because they’re all in a lot of trouble. You guys are done lol

    LaDemon HunterLaDemon Hunter7 dager siden
    • Keep spilling your tears you fucking imbecile

      MemeLord XMemeLord X7 dager siden
  • The willing ice amazingly pack because thursday electronmicroscopically stir outside a ahead wall. dependent, freezing arithmetic

    jim dandyjim dandy7 dager siden
  • This is the gayest news station on earth.

    Hanz Honest Human 22.Hanz Honest Human 22.7 dager siden
  • 16:47 Nailed it! Sadly you were right. One thing has become abundantly clear, any media outlet that is posing as "news" needs to held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Spread misinformation at your own risk.

    Rick StoreyRick Storey7 dager siden
  • Yeah... punish the leftist antifa reichstag-trick-play thugs .....who attacked the capital ....to blame the republicans !!! Law and orde above marxists losers..who incite falls-flag rioting, trying to overturn and break up America !!! A moment of great dishonor and shame for our nation: stealing of an election Antifa guys who posted their own picture from in the capitol on the antifa.org site !! Falls flag by antifa idiots !!! notown.info/two/video/09CHi32iiLaix5o.html Antifa was led into the capitol !! mobile.twitter.com/jihanbit/status/1346909463660396550 kabuki theater !! Falls flag by antifa idiots !!! Inquisition of the tolerant (all inclusive ...whites excluded) left demonrats !! SPOILER ALERT !!!! communism/marxism .. in America ....all fun halting businesses halting progress eradicate wealth reducing mobility redistributing...poverty abolishing basic rights squelching free speach and freedom in general enter pure fascist oppression .... all leftists: marxist Stalin ...socialist hitler ..marxist pol pot..marxist fidel castro ...marxist mao ...communist ceausescu .....communist Tito ..... ... would salivate ......

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski7 dager siden
  • I love to watch OAN because it tells d truth, never watch CNN only Larry King Live before.

    Delta DawnDelta Dawn7 dager siden
  • It’s one of the sad things of old age and mental decline. First you have your car keys taken and then Twitter ban you from pasting.

    AwakeAmericanow.AwakeAmericanow.7 dager siden
  • The guy claiming he s livin in hitlers Germany is completely crazy, they can say bullshit like that and get away with it, Americans are scary ffs

    etoeto7 dager siden
  • SHANNEL RIAN..With a name like that, It's no wonder that she asks the STUPIDEST questions on earth

    ElzElz7 dager siden
  • "could get people killed".........yeah, It did

    elowyn akerselowyn akers7 dager siden
  • What about left propoganda???

    Peter GawronPeter Gawron7 dager siden
  • I Wonder What OAN Thinks About The D.C. Riots.

    Collin KeyserCollin Keyser7 dager siden
    • @M. Jarvis I wish that wasn't so true.

      Nova Courier.Nova Courier.6 dager siden
    • "Even when I'm wrong, I'm right" should answer that for you......

      M. JarvisM. Jarvis7 dager siden
  • Just went to Chanel Rion's videos and watched as much as I could take of her interview with Rudy Giulianni. What an insight into the twisted thinking the viewers of this Bizarro world.

    Margaret BetzMargaret Betz7 dager siden
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    Craig SimpsonCraig Simpson8 dager siden
  • Her penguin rant reminds me of a joke I read: Im scared for 2015 because 2+0+1+5=8 which is the exact number of nipples hitler would have had if he had 6 more nipples. Don’t let demiboy anteaters fools you, this is not my joke. Goodnight

    Paige MannsPaige Manns8 dager siden
  • Pommie bastard, have you paid your bet before Trump won in 2016?

    Peter van DortPeter van Dort8 dager siden
  • "This kind of information could end up getting people killed." over 360,000 dead of coronavirus in the US so far and counting, and we just had a failed coup in Washington D.C. by fanatical zealouts whipped into a frenzy by right wing extremist echo chambers like this one, so yeah.

    MegaChickenfishMegaChickenfish8 dager siden
  • That bald man in the front face at 2:45 lol he like wtf is this bitch on about it

    Travis MannixTravis Mannix8 dager siden
  • Garbage you are a globalist we all know that

    SkyRiderJavelinSkyRiderJavelin8 dager siden
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    Llewellyn VannoteLlewellyn Vannote9 dager siden
  • We now know for a fact that there are no Democrats or Republicans... just a bunch of do nothings that bicker like Kindergarteners over who should be the President instead of coughing up a decent stimulus package! Let that sink in next time you vote or pay taxes! Term limits the removal of section 230 and the removal of money in politics is the only way to get meaningful change! The world has finally witnessed first hand the incompetence of these so called leaders!

    Marco ReviewsMarco Reviews9 dager siden
  • A woman was killed today and OANN, Fox, Newsmax and Trump should bear some responsibility. Riot in Washington DC in support of Trump.

  • What about when mainstream gets it wrong and is pro demorcrat, oh thats right, we sweep in under the rug..

    Peter GawronPeter Gawron9 dager siden
  • Your are an idiot!

    CDV PowerCDV Power9 dager siden
  • John, get the fuck out of America. You’re a scumbag piece of duckturds. And, clearly, not funny. Stop surrounding yourself with losers like yourself.

    Ben HornBen Horn9 dager siden
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    jonki leshijonki leshi10 dager siden
  • You know...I gotta hand it to Wordebys, your last joke was far better with its help.

    jc5674jc567410 dager siden
  • Thanks for the OANN advertisement! I’ll be turning to them now, as I’m tired of snarky, ill informed anti-American dicks.

    j petesj petes10 dager siden
  • This dude is FULL OF SHIT!

    ovie netzovie netz10 dager siden
  • Abortion is involuntary to the baby in its fetal stage. Its no less human. Prove me wrong!!!!

    ovie netzovie netz10 dager siden
  • We will not spare you Oliver.

    AK49erAK49er10 dager siden
  • >> polyamorous lobsters Jordan Peterson has entered the chat

    sciguy2000sciguy200010 dager siden
  • Take your tiny little T-Rex hands and head back to Britain John Oliver where they give a f*** about what you have to say

    Gunnar SpencerGunnar Spencer10 dager siden
  • Never post John Oliver again, please.

    Patch AdamsPatch Adams11 dager siden
  • John hole is the funniest communist comic I have ever turned off.

    gbgb11 dager siden
  • Thanks John the truth teller or the not funny comic.

    gbgb11 dager siden
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    Will NotWill Not11 dager siden
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    tom joetom joe11 dager siden
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    Ca CaCa Ca11 dager siden
  • All Tyrants and Dictators have to have their Propagandists, In Trump's case its OAN.

    REGINA FORDREGINA FORD11 dager siden
  • Trump sure likes to be stroked by the news. Maybe that's why he pumps his fist like he does.

    REGINA FORDREGINA FORD11 dager siden
  • Honestly at 9:47 The first thing that came to mind was the Deltas on Trial scene in Animal House.

    Alan W ChaseAlan W Chase11 dager siden