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16. aug.. 2015
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U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.
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  • Gloria Copeland should be charged with fraud.....and jailed.

    IvyMargret GreenIvyMargret Green41 minutt siden
  • These devils should be charged and put where they can do the least damage....dangerous psychopaths can pretend to be anything....desperate people can be convinced of anything by them. The law should have means of preventing spiritual scams.

    IvyMargret GreenIvyMargret Green43 minutter siden
  • Welp I’m eating lunch, time to watch Brit mcsadman talk about the corn tax

    because why notbecause why notTime siden
  • All preacher are DEVIL KIDS

    hectorviejo1hectorviejo15 timer siden
  • This sort of evil is legal in AMERICA!!!!! IT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angelo StentaAngelo Stenta6 timer siden
  • God, that tax lawyer must have had fun with this lmao

    Smallgremlin GremlinSmallgremlin Gremlin6 timer siden
  • One of the only judeo-christian religious factions that doesn't even try to help people is the JWs. Been there, done that, raised in it and got out. Still paying for it.

    NeyoniusNeyonius7 timer siden
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    Jane CalabroJane Calabro12 timer siden
  • I wouldn't have sent him a penny.

    catladycatlady14 timer siden
  • Profits, not Prophets

    Daniel AhlertDaniel Ahlert14 timer siden
  • Why am I having flashbacks to the George Carlin bit "Religion is Bulls***.

    large bifflarge biff15 timer siden
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    Tom SdralisTom Sdralis22 timer siden
  • Our Lady of...An Englishman's anti Catholic garbage - hardly a surprise.

    Denis O'SullivanDenis O'Sullivan23 timer siden
  • This was hilarious!!

    Toby BermudezToby BermudezDag siden
  • I'm glad that John and Leon Lush are talking about this. This televangelist stuff is absolutely disgusting.

    SayaKuro12SayaKuro12Dag siden
  • Um, so those Christians, of which I am not part of, which many of us humble followers are not part of, are not representing Jesus Christ or God the Father and The Holy Spirit. If any atheist thinks we all believe that way, then they have fallen victim to the same cognitive distortions they accuse all Christians of having. Thank you for pointing out these horrible examples. Can you also give equal airtime to moral and ethical pastors and dramatically showcase what Biblical Christians do to help the world everyday?

    Natalie McBroomNatalie McBroomDag siden
  • How many cancers have been cured by going to church?

    Rohan Ashman-WilkinsonRohan Ashman-WilkinsonDag siden
  • There’s a special place in hell for those guys. Thr devil’s bdsm room I hope

    Kenneth JoseKenneth JoseDag siden
  • Some people are hustlers posing as ministers. They are called false ministers.

    cinema tvcinema tv2 dager siden
  • It was primarily as a prop to vanity, or self-importance that the venture of Church institutions was pretty much a "viral" thing- this would serve as a prop to a periodic reassertion of self-importance; the institutions could also serve as a sort of crutch. A good many were actually marked with a portent for Christianity, that Pisces aeon; it's hard to say, but at times it might not have been entirely unwise to make use of the institutions- a basic, primary error was they were based on the idea of material gain, for a vocational priesthood class; they couldn't have the priesthood key necessary for an actual Church- from the very beginning, they didn't have it, the apostles and others being interested chiefly in material gain, fame, hegemony and power; an elite priesthood, running the institution which people would invest in. Billy Graham- an Ancient One soul, like many Church priests- stole peoples' personal power; left them basically in a pitiful state, impotent in almost every way! At his death, peoples' power was returned to them- this isn't true of Abraham Lincoln, an Ancient One in highest position; at his death peoples' personal power which he'd stolen was not returned to them; the nation permanently damaged and handicapped. There's no longer a religious Path, "Christianity"...

    Llalassu SkryLlalassu Skry2 dager siden
  • They actually speak with their lawyer to open a church and the steps are so easy anyone can do it and that's where you find these false profets and preachers. They decieve many, lie to many and collect thousands.

    Angelo RiveraAngelo Rivera2 dager siden
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    lopeepso livilopeepso livi2 dager siden
  • As long as Trump was calling blacks long as Trump was telling white suburban housewives they are coming for you, that rhetoric was okay. Those of you that got involved in this gangster mob bull, it will wake you in your sleep every day till you leave this earth. Many of you will lose your fortunes and you'll know why. And what about those ministers/faith healers, you played with you know what happens next... Trump and the republican party played with God, now he is taking off the clothes of those wolves that masqueraded as sheep... Watch!

    Misty LaneMisty Lane2 dager siden
  • Trump gets impeached for the second time today Wednesday January 13th then i hope they lock him up under the prison

    Joe CarrilloJoe Carrillo2 dager siden
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    brent y josephbrent y joseph3 dager siden
  • when the guy said "Make the midgets grow???"

    stef rossstef ross3 dager siden
  • These preachers are really athiest they have figures out a way to become rich. They watch the athiest experience in their spare time lmao. Its sad that people still believe in religion. Its all a big ass scam.

    Believe only what you Can prove.Believe only what you Can prove.3 dager siden
  • 7:07 LOL! Religious nuts have tapped into the pharma/medical community's cash "cow". Isn't that sweet?

  • I need a new religion NOW ! Chaahhh ching !! 😂🤣😂🤣

    imabee2010imabee20104 dager siden
  • Most Pastor's are crooks and predictors that fleecel people in their congregations that are venerable.

    Lee WalkerLee Walker4 dager siden
  • Atleast jesus did'nt have sex with 09 year old girl and jesus never had sex slave like Muhammed.

    Roshan SerraoRoshan Serrao4 dager siden
    • if, if, he is real.

      stik astik a4 dager siden
  • wait a second - this isnt LeonLush´s channel?!

    Jack HunterJack Hunter4 dager siden
  • all hail the the Chirch of Gadget.

    Blake NelsonBlake Nelson4 dager siden
  • Governor Schwarzenegger, I always respected you, but this is insanity. Kristallnacht was a racist atrocity perpetrated by the Nazi government of Germany against Jews. The Proud Boys are not the equivalent of the SA. There is no evidence linking President Trump to the actions of those who broke into the Capitol, while Hitler was clearly the SA leader. I hope the perpetrators of the break-in suffer 10-year prison sentences for sedition, but extending that to President Trump is tenuous at best. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think you are acting a fool here by insulting 75 million people who voted for President Trump. Furthermore, the election disputes have never been proven false; they have only not been proven true.

    Tim AcblukeTim Acbluke4 dager siden
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    Morita HadadMorita Hadad4 dager siden
  • Every time I look at my credit card bill I invoke Wanda Jo..... Debt be gawwwwwnnnnnn!

    jujuphee75jujuphee754 dager siden
  • It doesn't take a televangelist to steal your money.. People go to church every Sunday to get stolen from on every other corner in the South XD

    Leisa WileyLeisa Wiley4 dager siden
  • Jesus would be so disappointed.

    B LEGACY 3B LEGACY 34 dager siden
  • We need the IRS to go God's work and tax them all. A lot.

    Darkness8536Darkness85364 dager siden
  • Thank you SO much!!! Seldom laughed so much an seldom been so satisfied at the youtube-channel (saw you the first time). It is really just that! I was the wife of a preacher of these churches and truly: it is the truth. Thank you so much!

    TechMumTechMum5 dager siden
  • I thought developed countries will be free from these stupidities. But no. I mean it's 2021 and still they are doing things from 50s.

    AccaliaAccalia5 dager siden
  • if the televangelists had to pay taxes the way other people do, then all that money could go toward health care for the would be doing Jesus' work, right? ;)

    Monique DamphousseMonique Damphousse5 dager siden
  • so we should all start our own church to bankrupt the country LOL

    zarah doanzarah doan5 dager siden
  • I want mega churches taxed and not the small neighborhood churches...don't ask me why I think so

    zarah doanzarah doan5 dager siden
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    Hallie ZhaoHallie Zhao5 dager siden
  • There are still lots of peoples in this country needs major brain surgery.

    bdle estbdle est5 dager siden
  • I think it is great that John Oliver are helping American Christians, by trying to expose the Swindlers of Christianity. Keep it up

    Ares ApolloAres Apollo5 dager siden
  • I want my money back😭😭😭

    Sarita RodriguezSarita Rodriguez5 dager siden
  • am I religious yeah I'm religious i follow the church of our lady of perpetual exemption

    Metin ÖzkayaMetin Özkaya6 dager siden
  • I’m going to assume these prosperity preachers try to avoid the passage where Jesus says a rich man has as much chance of getting into heaven as a camel being able to pass through the eye of a needle.

    KleveeKlevee6 dager siden
  • yiiiikes my mum is so addicted to TBN. It's been so interesting for me coming out of the religion and looking back and seeing all the fucked up shit that these preachers I listened to growing up have said and done.

    Their own PersonTheir own Person6 dager siden
  • I do not believe in churches or men . I believe in the word of GOD . AMEN .

    Cerilio VrolijkCerilio Vrolijk6 dager siden
  • I'm starting my own church

    Arthur BiddleArthur Biddle6 dager siden
  • @19:05; Question - has anyone actually called "1-800-XXX-XXXX" and seen where they end up?

    ZT1STZT1ST6 dager siden
  • One of the reasons people are turned off from church or God all together

    Russell ARussell A6 dager siden
  • I get your funny point. but to many many people the placebo effect is 100% real if you believe. and you take the believe for having content or a topic in your not funny boring show. no matter how often you say fuck.. of yourse copeland is a fraud. but he still helps some people... I realy hate copeland. but fact is fact Du fucking Brillenschlange INSELAFFE

    Jannes FriedrichsJannes Friedrichs6 dager siden
  • Lmao omg i died laughing.

    Believe only what you Can prove.Believe only what you Can prove.6 dager siden
  • 8:43 she looks and acts like a robot

    Abduboriy KomilovAbduboriy Komilov6 dager siden
  • 🤣😂🤣😂

    anastasia theodoridouanastasia theodoridou6 dager siden
  • Money laundering at its finest. Been doing it for years and years!! 501(c)3 needs to be gone. Mind boggling is that some went to prison, then went right back to doing the laundering. Exposure!

    Rebecca BrothersRebecca Brothers7 dager siden
  • Giving money does return money to you, but being ignorant (to charlatans) only returns more ignorance.

    Reconciling The ParadoxReconciling The Paradox7 dager siden
  • They should be put in an asylum together with your ex president trumpet

    The MusicmanThe Musicman7 dager siden
  • he spelt shamalan wrong

    Sekhar ChebiyyamSekhar Chebiyyam7 dager siden
  • I don't make his suff up!

    Leigh PopeLeigh Pope7 dager siden
  • What a handsome couple

    John SmithJohn Smith7 dager siden

    scorpio3749scorpio37497 dager siden
  • As a normal Christian preacher, the health and wealth gospel, "seed money" televangelists are despicable.

    Matthew NMatthew N8 dager siden
  • Jesus... "Leave your material belongings and follow me" Televangelists... "Leave your material belongings and send them to me"

    Broccol1Broccol18 dager siden
  • only in america! but... you know what? you get the ppl you deserve. allow every single person to own guns... you deserve the mass shooters. allow every person to scam others with fake bullshit, you deserve the televangelists. allow every fastfood to serve in xxxxl sizes, you deserve the extreme obese ppl. i know, it sounds hard and terrible, but don't get me wrong. in europe we watch in horror when there is another school shooting in america, and we simply can't understand that you are willing to let your kids die just because you wanna own a gun. we don't understand why some scammers are allowed to scam ppl... it is beyond stupid. and why isn't there a some controle with the fastfood? it's the same with the healtcare, it is beyond terrible, how can a country that call's itself the world leader act like a 4th world country? you say you honor your veterans, in meanwhile the same veterans crawl in the dirt on the street.... is that how you say thank you to those who put their lives on the line to keep your country 'great' ?

    ZantjezZantjez8 dager siden
  • ill take the chemo

    777 morgan777 morgan8 dager siden
  • Holy shit. Even the priests are radical right wing nuts

    colly beanscolly beans9 dager siden
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    Eberle TylerEberle Tyler9 dager siden
  • how Trump got in

    DarrenDarren9 dager siden
  • I'm not even angry at them. I'm just deeply disappointed in humanity because of the number of foolish people falling for religious & political leaders like them & Trump; & willing to go out of their way despite getting fu*kall peanuts themselves! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

    Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus ProximoAriadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo9 dager siden
  • Bonnie Parker is an idiot who deserves no sympathy

    Dunkster 420Dunkster 4209 dager siden
  • Jesus died without even owning the clothes on his back. He spoke out about how riches make it difficult to be spiritual. I have no idea what Jesus thinks about these jackasses, but I wouldn’t want to be them for all the money in the world.

    TokesNation Propaganda MinistryTokesNation Propaganda Ministry9 dager siden
  • Freedom of speech. You choose to listen or you don't. Smart people become rich. Stupid people whine a lot.

    zedono onodezzedono onodez9 dager siden
  • [Jan 6, 2021] \\\\ TIME TO Avoid going the Ur and Biblical 12 Tribes Fates at the door, TIME TO Abolish 50 Different States'-Laws, 50-Supreme-Courts, 50-Electoral-Dividing-Rules; TIME TO GO "UNITED AMERICA", "ONE STATE UNDER GOD", ONE LAW, MAJORITY VOTES, ONE NATIONAL ELECTION //// Enough Said.//

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or10 dager siden
  • I knew it

    TerminatorTerminator10 dager siden
  • "Kenneth Copeland" is that the guy who blew Covid-19 away and laugh Biden win?

    Evine HewEvine Hew10 dager siden
    • He also says that God has told him that he will live until he is 120.There is a clip of him saying it.

      Mark DuncanMark Duncan7 dager siden
  • these pastors are a disgrace to the gospel. I say this because I've been reading the Bible for 30 years. I know what I'm saying

    Vasile NanVasile Nan10 dager siden
    • If they are a disgrace then why do Evangelicals follow them?

      CyrilCyril10 dager siden
  • You can help so many people with the amount of money it cost for those private jets.

    Daniel WellsDaniel Wells10 dager siden
  • These are just pyramid schemes thats all. At least drug dealers give you something in return for your money. These cunts are worse than drug dealers they just sell false hope.

    WilliamWilliam10 dager siden
  • Oliver is a frikin bozo !! He had such a big mouth to predict Hillary to win in 2016 !!

    moroder65moroder6510 dager siden
  • The end was hilarious😆

    Francis SantanaFrancis Santana10 dager siden
  • Evil people preying on the sick and poor.

    Nancy KeithNancy Keith11 dager siden
  • All religions in churches are just plan evil!

    Ricky BobbyRicky Bobby11 dager siden
  • This is the most AMAZING thing I have ever watched!!! I shed a freaking tear from laughter. That hasn't happened in a very long time! Thank You! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    sheldon murphysheldon murphy11 dager siden
  • John Oliver's mockery of these Christian Charlatans is surpassed by the mockery the Charlatans display for God. John's mockery is deliberate accurate and at the same time distasteful and emotive, but it sells and makes revenue for the broadcaster, but you can sense the disdain mingled in with the gratuitously Sarcasm. On the other hand the Seducers' posing as God's chosen feel they are honouring God / but deep down they must know - surely - but then delusion is powerful. Is the question here free speech? Is the dimension surpassing the right to say what you like which apparently is sacrosanct in the US? Do we allow wholesale asset removal to be entangle in the web of the free speech thread? The US must have laws that protect people and curtail exploitation. There is no excuse for this! Now before anyone judges me as contrary to the faith of Christ. I believe in the apostolic miracles, all of them. It's just that Christ gave men gifts. When was the last time you paid for a gift? Well if there is no justice on earth take solace in the fact that Blasphemy of this sort will be measured with a greater roasting and toasting in eternity for this lot. And I wont be praying that God forgives them. They are unrepentant and nothing shall change them.

    WT LWT L11 dager siden
  • Funny skit but not funny that people go broke, homeless,or die for believing sick pastors

    Brian HartlineBrian Hartline11 dager siden
  • Sometimes they give a rags to riches story then it comes out they were born a billionaire.

    Brian HartlineBrian Hartline11 dager siden
  • If you give the preacher money God will forgive,heal, or pay you back. I've actually been told that give me money and God will pay you back. So disgusting a person that promises that...ecspecially in Jesus name

    Brian HartlineBrian Hartline11 dager siden
  • They know they can't cure even a common cold they manipulate desperate people who think they're gonna die if they don't evil

    Brian HartlineBrian Hartline11 dager siden
  • It would be nice for preachers to stay out of politics. It would also be nice to once again have late night hosts who are funny.

    joe colejoe cole11 dager siden
  • (JOIN) HEAR ALL (3) VIDEOS. SAVE LOVED ONES LIVES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. (trump(1) (2)Diamond & Silk) 353.623 Tax Paying Dead Americans and 20,823,342 cases and retrumplicans do not care (3)

    Audrey DunhamAudrey Dunham11 dager siden
  • I am a christian,So I assumed this video would Just be attacking christians. thanfully I was wrong It was attacking and exposings the wrost kinds of frauds, the frauds that use christs name to try and hide their disgusting Scams. Not sure how Well you know the bible but this is clearly not what it says to do. I will give it word for word to not misrepresent While all the people were listening, Jesus said to his disciples, 46 'Beware of the teachers of the law. They like to walk around in flowing robes and love to be greeted in the marketplaces and have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at banquets. 47 They devour widows' houses and for a show make lengthy prayers. Such men will be punished most severely.' 21:1 As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. 2 He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. 3 'I tell you the truth,' he said, 'this poor widow has put in more than all the others. 4 All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.'" (Luke 20:45-21:4, NIV) That there is the true word of God, I don't care if you reading this do not believe in God I am doing this to Show that what these frauds are doing in no way is true to the Bible. Jesus himself said the ones showing off their robes and their Seats of power ( expensive suits and private Jets ) will be punished but the lady who put two coins in and clearly did not boast albout it because the rich made her feel as What she gave was not enough similar to these frauds saying more money mears bigger seeds whatever that means. well the lady Who gave two coins she was blessed and the rich and flashy would be punished when they stood before God. I an not trying to convert anyone and I an Well prepared to be attacked for my faith, your insults won't effeet me take your best shot. I an Simply proving for those WI no may Not know the bible and think this is what it preaches. It's not it is the opposite and just i've the f.uh in the lbilove these frauds will one day be punisherd for using Gods name for their own crimes.

    Jack FootJack Foot11 dager siden
  • This host is a tool regardless of the content on display, low brow crap

    OvertimeX86OvertimeX8611 dager siden
  • Christianity is a business plain and simple. Nothing more nothing less.

    Tom PetersTom Peters11 dager siden
    • NOT Christianity, RELIGION.

      Pamela RachilPamela Rachil10 dager siden
    • Not watch acts17apologetics

      renjurichardrenjurichard11 dager siden
  • I think it’s high time you devoted an entire episode to Candace Owens

    soji Falanasoji Falana11 dager siden
  • You’re not from here. You get rich off of us. You hate this country. I vote to DEPORT you John Oliver.

    Michael KolhaaasMichael Kolhaaas11 dager siden