William Barr: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

1. nov.. 2020
5 679 316 Ganger

John Oliver discusses William Barr’s attitude toward authority and executive power, how that attitude has influenced Donald Trump’s presidency, and what it could mean if Trump wins a second term.
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  • Rittenhouse is all grown up -.-

    Derek ClaybornDerek ClaybornTime siden
  • "Fun College stories like burning your draft card." Ohhhh that is so going to come back to bite you my friend

    DatLilGun 01DatLilGun 013 timer siden
  • We're like actually gonna hold you to the bagpipe thing now, you know?

    Happy ThoughtsHappy Thoughts18 timer siden
  • 13:28 respect is earned not taken, also the communities payed for the damn police, if the police aren't willing to do their job cause people gave them shit for randomly killing people with no repercussions then the police don't get their paychecks.

    Dec FairlightDec FairlightDag siden
  • Can the bagpipes be used to play any song besides that one? I have never heard anything else played in a bagpipe.

    king of games and animeking of games and animeDag siden
  • Elizabeth Smart

    Bob SmithBob Smith2 dager siden
  • I have an article 2. One of the most bizarre way to describe an article of the Constitution as if he owns he document.

    SOlson2375SOlson23753 dager siden
  • Well the left got it! For the next 2 years at least

    Skot MatthewsSkot Matthews3 dager siden
  • So Barr put this crap in his head. Hmmm...

    Morning MoonMorning Moon3 dager siden
  • I love LWT but the fact that they constantly come on autoplay after literally every video I watch is infuriating. I've seen them all NOtown. You can stop now.

    Rob FriesenRob Friesen6 dager siden
  • He sounds like a old man Ben Shapiro

    Bryson HanefeldBryson Hanefeld7 dager siden
  • If they stop sending federal money to Seattle, okay. We will stop sending tax money, and we will be fucking fine.

    A GA G7 dager siden
  • Where was Barr when it counted? Nothing but a flatulent bag of cellulite

    Chrysalis MonarchChrysalis Monarch8 dager siden
  • Fast forward Bill Barr has quit amongst many of Trumps puppets and the Capitol has just been broken into by our own and hasn't since 1814 i believe so we are doing a great job on picking 👍 assholez to be president. Good job you 👏 smart 🇺🇸 people who wanna see our own burn 🔥 this place to the ground! Thanks you sharp butter knives

    Jonathan BaileyJonathan Bailey8 dager siden
  • Pov: you’re scrolling through the comments to find all the insane comments that are inevitably in here somewhere.

    supakoopa 123supakoopa 1238 dager siden
  • Yet he’s still one of the smartest trump people

    Carter ReidCarter Reid8 dager siden
  • I like the bagpipes

    Karthik MunishamaiahKarthik Munishamaiah9 dager siden
  • [Jan 6, 2021] \\\\ TIME TO Avoid going the Ur and Biblical 12 Tribes Fates at the door, TIME TO Abolish 50 Different States'-Laws, 50-Supreme-Courts, 50-Electoral-Dividing-Rules; TIME TO GO "UNITED AMERICA", "ONE STATE UNDER GOD", ONE LAW, MAJORITY VOTES, ONE NATIONAL ELECTION //// Enough Said.

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or10 dager siden
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    Sanae LOUIZSanae LOUIZ10 dager siden
  • The irony of HIM saying that LIBERALS "want total power as a state of grace to design utopia for everyone" is nauseatingly self-blind.

    SafetySpooonSafetySpooon10 dager siden
  • Sorry have to dislike for the diss against bagpipes cause they are fucking awesome.

    Herschel JohnsonHerschel Johnson11 dager siden
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    Zabshire RobertoZabshire Roberto11 dager siden
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    Nerta ThorstenNerta Thorsten12 dager siden
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    Nerta ThorstenNerta Thorsten12 dager siden
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    Amy RussonAmy Russon12 dager siden
  • What's with the bagpipes? His great, great, great, great grandad was quarter Scottish was he?

    G JonesG Jones12 dager siden
  • I find it funny how Bill Barr's argument hinges on the idea that words don't change in meaning over time.

    Paul MahoneyPaul Mahoney12 dager siden
  • People like Barr think that those in authority cannot be mistaken because since they are in authority they determine right and wrong.

    Adam MuellerAdam Mueller13 dager siden
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    firestarter3firestarter314 dager siden
  • When are Trump and all of his supporters going to be publicly executed?

    d goodd good14 dager siden
  • Bill Barr, cover up guy for Epstein and elite rapists.

    leonie houriganleonie hourigan14 dager siden
  • Barr did Hunter Biden a HUGE favor

    neoarmourneoarmour14 dager siden
  • He certainly is, a dolt in the room.

    Bryan FarrowBryan Farrow14 dager siden
  • A Bagpipe's Music Sounds About The Same As That Squeel THat Comes When You're Stepping On A Cat

    Paul RasmussenPaul Rasmussen14 dager siden
  • Imagine that Barr was ultimately not extreme enough for Trump. God bless America

    Andres FernandesAndres Fernandes14 dager siden
  • First funny mitch notown.info/two/video/lp1tf4J0n69dx8U.html

    MO NEWS USAMO NEWS USA14 dager siden
  • I love that trump excoriated Barr for acknowledging that Biden won.

    honora lovallhonora lovall15 dager siden
  • It's like that little prick from a beautiful rose that hurts so much.

    Doug YoungfieldDoug Youngfield15 dager siden
  • Barr reminds me of Goebels in the Hitler regime. He will support any police state behaviour that makes the gestapo look reasonable.

    Petyr KowalskiPetyr Kowalski15 dager siden
  • is anyone else staring at john's tie being both striped and checkered?

    devvon simpson filmsdevvon simpson films15 dager siden
  • 17:41 "the left wants power" says the man who is literally the overfed teachers pet for law enforcement throughout the majority of his life, clearly not a projection of his own personal beliefs /s man am I glad the leopards ate his face on this one after Trump lost

    lazy Perfectionistlazy Perfectionist15 dager siden
  • I used to love your show, John. Now I pray for you-a puppet of the New World order...

    carolyn tylercarolyn tyler15 dager siden
  • Would love to see NewYork, Washington, and Oregon just be like fine you cut us off we are now independent states.

    Aberran FoxAberran Fox15 dager siden
  • Kings and tyrants have always had backers who use language to justify their actions.. if forced to choose, I want a plain old tyrant...and with all the freedoms associated with it... wink wink..

    Bat manBat man16 dager siden
  • Proof...slavery equals lock downs..further proof that the USA is an infant country/empire in world history..

    Bat manBat man16 dager siden
  • 6:09 cut to me watching in Seattle like: 🌧👁👄👁🌧

    Ballz VlogzBallz Vlogz16 dager siden
  • 14:22 omg you’re so right! RIP The peoples princess

    Ballz VlogzBallz Vlogz16 dager siden
  • by the way Oliver, it was the only thing Barr was good at. bagpipe tunes, may be associated with war, but neither these brave guys or the men he was LEADING into into battle, had fack all to do with starting these wars... Another thing Oliver tomorrow night Dec.31, there will be billions of people, singing a song, oft times accompanied, by the by a band playing the pipes & drums, was penned in this small nation, by Robert Burness , a womanising, oft times tipsy Exciseman . How many sing ' land of hope & bullshit ' or there always be an England, will only be heard in this most Xenophobic of Countries.. Scotland wishes you John, America & the World A Very Happy ' GID ' New Year...Go shove it Oliver, & awa & do your Morris Dancing...

    dugmeat mcdonald jnrdugmeat mcdonald jnr17 dager siden
  • "Pepper spray is not a chemical irritant" oh, I forgot, it's actually a time frog. WTF are you saying?

    petrok lawrencepetrok lawrence17 dager siden
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    Bryant LiPetriBryant LiPetri17 dager siden
  • Apparently he has a lot of hot air to get out!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael KMichael K17 dager siden
  • Makes me ashamed that I'm learning the bagpipes, cuz I'm of Scottish heritage and I love bands like The Real McKenzies and Dropkick Murphy's, etc

    Lapis LazarusLapis Lazarus17 dager siden
  • U may be funny but ur disturbing disrespectful shenanigans to the commander and Cheif is showing me that ur parents raised a disrespectful person- mind u I actually find u funny- but have you any respect for anyone? I’m sure ur not childish lol oh yeah we all can be big dork lol Happy life and hopefully you don’t get into the clumping of the swamp...

    rooth2erooth2e17 dager siden
  • Fuck Bar and his glasses! John let me give you a hand making the show!

    Michael WhiteheadMichael Whitehead17 dager siden
  • Can’t tell who is the bag pipe , Barr or the instrument!

    SNAFUSNAFU17 dager siden
  • look at Mr.William he look exhausted [mind faculty] [vidnail] variables are too many so much to do and so little time the technicality involved goes in thousands of printed documents etc then managing delegation of tasks the flank cover etc ---- preventive measure the best workaround in any ----

    Casius CBUCasius CBU17 dager siden
  • Charming bear is cute Barr nope

    Patty BorntragerPatty Borntrager17 dager siden
  • Teach your kids how to think not what

    Ricardo BimblesticksRicardo Bimblesticks18 dager siden
  • Anyone noticing that “anarchist jurisdictions” seems sort of contradictory in terms 😅?

    beatfriseurbeatfriseur18 dager siden
  • Piss off Oliver

    EMFRocksEMFRocks18 dager siden
  • yea rounding japanese in internment camps is definitely not as bad as covid lockdown. He's publicly speaking out on things he knows nothing about and is not meant to speak on. Public health and state of emergencies concerning it and what the president can do nationally to protect the people, is no place for the attorney general. He should have shut the fuck up and at least tried to pretend to do his job. Instead he wishes he could legislate morality, lock up non violent drug users, execute as many people on deathrow, continue the drug war, basically in his mind; doing everything to clean up 'Weimar America' and turning it into a 'pro family, prayer in school, abstinence from drugs and sex and death penalty for thievery. And of course like all conservatives, he loves the constitution so much he actually wants to fuck it and not in the beautiful sensual way. He loves it so much, he wants to violate it to the point having no equal branches of govt. and the president essentially a king in everything but name, except if it's a democrat as president. He's a fat cunt that should be in jail for the shit he pulled in Iran Contra. Throw his ass in jail and let the BGF have some fun with him.

    Little hands gives CovfefeLittle hands gives Covfefe18 dager siden
  • I mean, it's setting the bar even lower here, but at least he kind of fought against Trump and the attempted stealing of the election in that last month or two. Almost like he was a double agent or some shit.

    SteveSteve18 dager siden
  • the supreme court on his side?.....conservative values are values just like liberal values....this is what you get when you politicize......

    vicccey 1vicccey 118 dager siden
  • I see it... I definitely see it! 😉

    Holly YorkHolly York18 dager siden
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    Roy JonesRoy Jones18 dager siden
  • The whole world is set up to show consequences for doing wrong. All have lied and stolen and looked with lust. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness, and to believe the Gospel. Mark 1:15 Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments 📖 Visual Bible movies on NOtown, Matthew, Acts, Luke, John

    chief 1 redwolfchief 1 redwolf18 dager siden
  • Where was this two years ago?

    Joe FortierJoe Fortier18 dager siden
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    Ryan McInnisRyan McInnis19 dager siden
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    Sunny BoveSunny Bove19 dager siden
  • Your gibe at the Queen puts you in the conspiracy theory supporter camp. How disappointing.

    Laurie ArnoldLaurie Arnold19 dager siden
  • Trump and Barr are history! Hallelujah!

    Sandra BarrieSandra Barrie19 dager siden
  • not sure if anyone else has said the same or not but he wasnt playing. someone else was and pretending to play. He takes a breath when you need to be blowing to make the different sound. would be like a lip singing popstar not moving her mouth xD

    KattKatt19 dager siden
  • Quarantine is a step from slavery....if you fall down a flight of stairs

    ShonShon19 dager siden
  • There it is, outright lies across the spectrum. All it would have taken was a quick search. Then, like me, they would have found a whole bunch of stuff on Barr that does not fit the cozy image I’m to be reassured by.

    Tom BombadelTom Bombadel20 dager siden
  • CNN should get him a job ,he is back stabber ,that will fit perfectly with the staff. lol

    SAM007SAM00720 dager siden
  • Fast Forward to Dec 28th 2020.. Bill Bars is now looking for a new job, and soon Trump will no longer be in our Whitehouse.

    Dale JonesDale Jones20 dager siden
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    여김명란여김명란20 dager siden
  • Equivocation 101. Barr learned it as a child.

    John CoffmanJohn Coffman20 dager siden
  • definition of a true gentleman: Someone who knows how to play the bagpipes, but doesn't.

    robert falconerrobert falconer20 dager siden
  • So, just a fashist wanting a dictatorship. Gotcha! Could have said it shorter.

    PainfulldarksoulPainfulldarksoul20 dager siden
  • hey John, how about you stick to your countries f'ed up policies...you have your own issues to worry about. Us Americans stopped caring about your opinions back in the 1700's

    Steve FSteve F20 dager siden
    • he does, he focuses on the usa

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders19 dager siden
  • Barr -- man with resting bullfrog face.

    Debora FieldDebora Field20 dager siden
  • Erdogan prosecutes everybody who writes anything bad about him and his policies, and Barr and the orange clown definitely take some lessons from dictators like Erdogan!!

    bizim ellerbizim eller20 dager siden
  • I saw Bill Barr doing something like that in the mensroom, it was black too!

    Brooke McQualeBrooke McQuale20 dager siden
  • A sycophantic adult in the room. What really was the fucking difference from Spanks?

    lisa lisalisa lisa20 dager siden
  • The bagpipes xd major respect increase for barr

    Erik RaudrErik Raudr20 dager siden
  • Bill Barr AKA Heat Miser

    Richard MacLeanRichard MacLean21 dag siden
  • would his opinion change if the virus was the ebola virus. Science rules...

    Paul StobbePaul Stobbe21 dag siden
  • It hurts to hear anyone from trump team talking... such idiots, criminal idiots

    Ana NascimentoAna Nascimento21 dag siden
  • Seems we REALLY dodged a bullet then.

    DripworksDripworks21 dag siden
  • Barr: A dolt in the room. True.

    Mark LapworthMark Lapworth21 dag siden
  • In life.... We are only people.. no matter where we are. We can but try to join ourselves ourselves together, but, remember it is only OUR governments that tears US apart. At least Trump tried!!

    A DalyA Daly21 dag siden
  • So Barr is a big wind bag then. But if I had to have guessed which instrument he would play, I would have thought it would have been the fiddle as he's always fiddling around with investigations to help trumps cronies who kept their mouths shut about trumps illegal activities.

    stephen wedderburnstephen wedderburn21 dag siden
  • A leader who does whatever he wants, without checks ad balances, is authoritarianism.

    yaku luayaku lua21 dag siden
  • “Barr-ba the Hut ate Bill Barr a long time ago” will be his next defense. You watch.

    Dreams R LiesDreams R Lies22 dager siden
  • ITS AIDS. covid as aids inside, protect yourself. luc montagnier aids founder words, not mine, im not a doctor Luc Montagnier as discovered aids and see it in covid19

    Hiving VonningHiving Vonning22 dager siden
  • 12-20 FORCE the Vote dot org; sign the petition; pass it around. 12/1/2020 Maine Becomes the First State to Officially Register the People's Party. Join NOW-help us Progressives/Working class get onto ALL 50 state ballots PEOPLES PARTY dot ORG. Please STOP saying "single payer" / "Medicare for all" - instead SAY "NOT FOR PROFIT" healthcare. EVERYONE can understand that terminology ! JUSTICE MATTERS

    The BOOKKEEPERThe BOOKKEEPER22 dager siden
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    lovejunieblovejunieb22 dager siden
  • Barr is out. Even he isn’t loyal enough by Trump’s standards.

    Juli JalaludinJuli Jalaludin22 dager siden
  • William Barr is going to end up testifying against Trump. Just wait and see. He'll have no choice.

    Futurist's ForesightFuturist's Foresight22 dager siden